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Walter F. Boron (Info) Washington University Intracellular pH DavidJMiller 2014‑09‑18
Peter Cala (Info) Duke, UC Davis ion transport jandh 2016‑12‑19
Corneille Heymans (Info) Ghent University Physiology and pharmacology of respiration, blood circulation, metabolism, and numerous pharmacological problems. jandh 2015‑05‑06
Saad Cyril Naaman (Info) Case Western Neuroscience SaadNaaman 2020‑12‑02
Bert Sakmann (Info) MPI for Medical Research ion channel physiology hayden 2005‑01‑16
Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen (Info) Case Western jandh 2016‑12‑19
Artin Shoukas (Info) Johns Hopkins Medical School cac182 2012‑05‑03
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