U.S. Department of Agriculture

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Harry Alfred BorthwickPhotoperiodism, phytochrome
Charles F. Clelandphysiology and biochemistry of flowering
Nathan Augustus Cobbnematodes
James Geere Dicksonplant pathology
Charlotte Elliott Erwin Frink Smith (research scientist)
Beverly Thomas Gallowayplant pathology, horticulture
Florence Hedgesplant pathology Erwin Frink Smith (research scientist)
Anna Eliza Jenkins
Barbara McClintockgenetics19231926 Lowell Fitz Randolph (research assistant)
Frank Nicholas MeyerBotany Erwin Frink Smith (research scientist)
Hans MohrPlant physiology19561957 Sterling B. Hendricks (post-doc), Harry Alfred Borthwick (post-doc)
Lowell Fitz Randolphgenetics and cytology of maize
Narasimha Chary SambojuRegulatory policy
Cornelius Lott Shearplant pathology
Harold William Siegelman1953 Harry Alfred Borthwick (research scientist), Sterling B. Hendricks (research scientist)
Erwin Frink SmithPlant pathology1886 Beverly Thomas Galloway (research scientist)
George Frederick SpraguePlant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences
Gerald Thornenematology
Edward Gaige Titus