The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Wan Kin Au YeungMachine learning, epigenetics Molecular Biotechnology Molecular Biotechnology20112013 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student), Hon-Ming Lam (research assistant)
Shengjie ChenPlant biotechnology School of Life Science2018 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student), shoudong zhang (grad student)
Sau Shan Cheng2018 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Wai-Lun Cheung SLS2016 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Ying Ann ChiaoAging, Cardiovascular diseases Molecular Biotechnolog20032006 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Shaowei DuanSoybean genomics Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Jun-xian He20022007 Zhiyong Wang (post-doc)
MingKun Huangplant NGS sequencing2019 Hon-Ming Lam (post-doc)
Bingjun Jiang20142015 Hon-Ming Lam (research assistant)
Yee-Shan KuPlant Molecular Biology School of Life Sciences2017 Hon-Ming Lam (post-doc)
Hon-Ming LamSoybean genomics, climate-smart agriculture Biology19851987 Yuk-Shan Wong (grad student)
Kwan Pok Li2016 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Man-Wah Lisoybean stress tolerance, soybean genomics Molecular Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences School of Life Sciences20152016 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student), Hon-Ming Lam (post-doc)
Junhao Ma20022004 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Rui MiaoPlant Molecular Biology, Biochemistry School of Life Sciences20092015 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Ming-Sin Ng2017 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Meng NIbioinformatics, genetics, liquid biopsy School of Life Sciences20122017 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
WANG Qianwen School of life science2015 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Sau Na TSAIPlant Biology and Proteomics School of Life Sciences20002003 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Xin Wangmolecular biotechnology, genomics, genetics and bioinformatics School of life science2017 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
zhili wangsoybean root development School of Life Sciences2018 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Yuk-Shan Wong
Choco Wong Molecular Biotechnology20082010 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Tao Wuepigenetics20072010 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Zhixia Xiao School of Life Sciences20142019 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Min Xie School of Life Sciences20142019 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Dawei Xinplant-microbe interaction school of life science20142016 Hon-Ming Lam (post-doc)
Dandan XuCancer research School of Chinese Medicine Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Yan XueEpigenetics Biology20062009 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
Liu Yang shoudong zhang (research assistant)
Wai-Shing Yung2016 Hon-Ming Lam (grad student)
shoudong zhangplant molecular biology, mobile RNAs, epigenetics, epitranscriptome, abiotic stresses, alternative splicing
Li Zhang shoudong zhang (research assistant)