Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Matthew Betts Graham Forbes (grad student)
Norman Ivan Bishop
Larry (Lyckle) BoersmaSoil Physics
Laura S. Brophy
Kirstin A. CarrollGenetics, Cell Biology, Botany Biology, Plant Pathology Agriculture2005 John Edward Fowler (grad student)
Jeff H. Chang
Ronald C Coolbaugh1971 Thomas C Moore (grad student)
Sherl Melvin DietzPlant pathology
Harold J. Evans
John Edward Fowler
Adam S. HadleyEcology Biology, Conservation Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology2012 Matthew Betts (grad student)
Chester Ellsworth Hornerbotany and plant pathology1954 Sherl Melvin Dietz (grad student)
Wesley Michael JarrellSustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources1977 Larry (Lyckle) Boersma (grad student)
James Herbert Jensenplant pathology
Melvyn Leroy Lacyplant pathology1965 Chester Ellsworth Horner (grad student)
Terri L. LomaxMolecular Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture
Richie Howard Lowe1963 Harold J. Evans (grad student)
Molly McGraw Philip N. Benfey (grad student)
Thomas C Moore
Lee H. Pratt Botany and Plant Pathology1967 Norman Ivan Bishop (grad student)
Alexandra J WeisbergPlant/Microbe Interactions, Microbial Comparative Genomics, Molecular Evolution Botany and Plant Pathology20152019 Jeff H. Chang (post-doc)