The University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ralph Steele Matlockplant breeding and production of peanuts, soybeans, mungbeans, and other new and special crops1952 Franklin David Keim (grad student), Hugo Oswalt Graumann (grad student)
Laurence Cutler Newell1940 Franklin David Keim (grad student)
Sadaf KhanBiochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology2007 Julie Marie Stone (grad student)
Melvin Douglas Jones1945 Laurence Cutler Newell (grad student), Theodore Alexander Kiesselbach (grad student)
Bin Yu Xuemei Chen (post-doc)
Eric Davies
Adrian Morris Srbmolecular genetics, neurospora Agronomy1941 Franklin David Keim (research assistant)
George Frederick SpraguePlant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences Agronomy1924 Franklin David Keim (research assistant)
Cornelius Lott Shearplant pathology1897 Charles Edwin Bessey (research assistant)
Theodore Alexander Kiesselbachcorn hybrids1918 Charles Edwin Bessey (grad student)
Franklin David Keimwheat research, grass and weed research
Hugo Oswalt GraumannAgronomy1950 Theodore Alexander Kiesselbach (grad student)
Myron Kendall Brakkecereal viruses
Brian A. Larkins19701974 Eric Davies (grad student)
Raymond CholletRegulatory protein phosphorylation in plants; Plant metabolic biochemistry; Plant biochemistry; PEPC; PPDK; SuSy; Rubisco
Joan M. Rejda Biochemistry19781983 Raymond Chollet (grad student)
Rathnam Chaguturu Biochemistry19781979 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Llewellyn Bowman Biochemistry19781980 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Hugh Brown Biochemistry19781980 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Bruce E. Partridge Biochemistry & Chemistry19791986 Raymond Chollet (grad student)
Scott Holaday Biochemistry19801982 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Sarjit Johal Biochemistry19801983 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Douglas Jordan Biochemistry19811984 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Raymond J.A. Budde Biochemistry Biochemistry19861986 Raymond Chollet (grad student), Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Sharon M. Ernst Biochemistry19821985 Raymond Chollet (grad student)
Gabriel Holbrook Biochemistry19831985 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Janet E. Reed Biochemistry19831984 Raymond Chollet (grad student)
Chrissl Roeske Biochemistry19841987 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Chris Chastain Biochemistry Biochemistry19931994 Raymond Chollet (post-doc), Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Zhixiang Chen Biochemistry19861990 Raymond Chollet (grad student)
P Stephen Baenzigergrains breeding, Statistics, Agronomy Agriculture
Christopher M. Smith Biochemistry & Biological Sciences19871993 Raymond Chollet (grad student)
Jin-an Jiao Biochemistry Biochemistry19911991 Raymond Chollet (grad student), Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Yiannis Samaras Biochemistry19891990 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Yue-Hao Wang Biochemistry19911993 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Stephen Duff Biochemistry19911994 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Xiu-Qing Zhang Biochemistry Biochemistry19981998 Raymond Chollet (grad student), Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Bin Li Biochemistry19931995 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Gururaj Maralihalli Biochemistry19941995 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Shameekumar Patil Biochemistry19951998 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Lucy Smith Biochemistry19961997 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Long-Ying Dong Biochemistry19982000 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Olga Komina Biochemistry19992001 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Sally A. Mackenzieplant organelle biology, epigenetics, genomics
Natalia Ermolova Biochemistry20002001 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Wenxin Xu Biochemistry Biochemistry20042007 Raymond Chollet (post-doc), Raymond Chollet (research scientist)
Ryan Yule Agronomy and Horticultural Science20012003 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Ricardo Vilela Abdelnoor20012005 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Julie Marie Stone
Xuehui Feng20022008 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Tarlan Mamedov Biochemistry20022004 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Ajay Sandhu20032008 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Saleem Mohammed Biological Sciences20032008 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Vikas Shedge Agronomy20032009 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Shaheen Ahmed Biochemistry20032005 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Brian Munoz Castillo20042007 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Yexin Ouyang Biochemistry20042006 Raymond Chollet (post-doc)
Veronica Murray Agronomy and Horticultural Science20052007 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Wilson de Paula Agronomy and Horticulture20072010 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Jaime Davila Agronomy20082010 Sally A. Mackenzie (post-doc)
Roberto De la Rosa Santamaria Agronomy20082012 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Peibei Sun Agronomy and Horticulture20092011 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Geetanjali Kandari Agronomy and Horticulture20092012 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Kamaldeep Virdi Agronomy and Horticulture20092015 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Mon-Ray Shao Agronomy and Horticulture20112017 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Sunil K. Kenchanmane RajuComparative Epigenomics20122017 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Jiantao Yu Agronomy20132015 Sally A. Mackenzie (post-doc)
John Laurie Agronomy20132015 Sally A. Mackenzie (post-doc)
Nathan Abshire Agronomy and Horticulture20132016 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
James C. SchnablePlant Biology, Comparative Genomics, Phenotyping, Maize
Dikungwa Ketumile Agronomy and Horticulture20152017 Sally A. Mackenzie (grad student)
Zhikai Liang20152019 James C. Schnable (grad student)
Daniel Santana de Carvalho20152019 James C. Schnable (grad student)
Preston Hurst20172019 James C. Schnable (grad student)