Pennsylvania State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Gabriela Antunez de MayoloMolecular Biology, Plant Pathology Agriculture, Plant Culture Agriculture2003 Mark J Guiltinan (grad student)
Donald K. Barnesplant genetics1961 Richard Warren Cleveland (grad student)
Andrew Alm BensonPlant biochemistry
James William Boodleyfloriculture and ornamental horticulture19561958 John George Seeley (grad student), John W Mastalerz (research scientist)
John E. CarlsonGenomics, Conservation Genetics, Biotechnology
Richard Warren Clevelandplant breeding
Ceyda Coruh20072014 Michael J. Axtell (grad student)
Wayne Roger CurtisBiochemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Plant Physiology
Hector E. Floresmetabolism and biochemistry of biologically active compounds produced in plant roots, and the uses of plants for nutrition, pharmaceutical and agrichemical applications
Mark J GuiltinanBotany Biology, Plant Physiology, Statistics, Molecular Biology
Sang Won Han Ying Gu (post-doc)
Qikun Liu Plant Biology2014 Michael J. Axtell (grad student)
Sally A. Mackenzieplant organelle biology, epigenetics, genomics
John W MastalerzHorticulture
Heather L. MerkGenetics, Plant Culture Agriculture Genetics2010 Mark J Guiltinan (grad student)
Carter R. MillerHorticulture Agriculture, Plant Physiology, Plant Culture Agriculture2009 Mark J Guiltinan (grad student)
John George Seeleyfloriculture
Saima Shahid Plant Biology20112017 Michael J. Axtell (grad student)
Zi ShiBotany Biology, Plant Pathology Agriculture, Molecular Biology2010 Mark J Guiltinan (grad student)
John-David SwansonBotany Biology, Plant Physiology, Statistics, Molecular Biology2005 Mark J Guiltinan (grad student), John E. Carlson (grad student)
Ming Tien
Jennifer L. TomschaPlant Physiology, Plant Culture Agriculture, Botany Biology2001 Mark J Guiltinan (grad student)
Abdoulaye TraorePlant Culture Agriculture, Food Science and Technology Agriculture, Genetics2000 Mark J Guiltinan (grad student)
Huan XiaFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Plant Culture Agriculture, Nutrition2009 Mark J Guiltinan (grad student)
Yufan ZhangBotany Biology2014 Mark J Guiltinan (grad student)