University of Oregon

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Michael F. CovingtonCircadian Biology, Bioinformatics, Plant Molecular Biology, RNA Sequencing Institute of Molecular Biology19972002 D. Ry Wagner (grad student)
Hilary Rose Dawsonwhole-organism botany, form-function, phenology, phylogeny Department of Environmental Science2019 Lucas C.R. Silva (research assistant)
Donald R. Hague
Michael G. Hahn Chemistry19701974 Frank J. Reithel (research assistant)
Animesh RaySystems biology, cancer, developmental biology, computational biology Institute of Molecular Biology19841988 Franklin Stahl (post-doc)
Frank J. Reithel
Lucas C.R. Silvasoil-plant-atmosphere
Thomas L SimsMolecular genetics of plant reproduction; self-incompatibility; molecular biology Biology1981 Donald R. Hague (grad student)