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John (Jack) Bernard Hanson grad student 1965 UIUC
 (Cytoplasmic Differentiation in Seedling Tissue.)
Joseph E Varner post-doc 1964-1967 Michigan State
Frederick Carl Neidhardt post-doc 1967-1967 Purdue (Microtree)


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David Sadava grad student 1968-1972 UCSD
Mary Carla Ericson grad student 1970-1974 UCSD
Eliot Mark Herman grad student 1976-1980 UCSD
LaVerne Erina Ragster grad student 1976-1980 UCSD
Brian William Tague grad student 1984-1989 UCSD
Dale Curtis Hunt grad student 1989-1993 UCSD
Susanne E Kjemtrup grad student 1989-1994 UCSD
Luis Gomez grad student 1992-1994 UCSD
Mark J. Daniels grad student 1992-1997 UCSD
Isabel R. Gerhardt grad student 1997-1998 UCSD
Francois Barrieu grad student 1997-2000 UCSD
Arnubio Valencia grad student 2000-2000 UCSD
Teresa Altabella post-doc
Kenneth D. Johnson post-doc 1972-1974 UCSD (Chemistry Tree)
Wim Vander Wilden post-doc 1973-1976 UCSD
Bruno Baumgartner post-doc 1975-1978 UCSD
Roberto Bollini post-doc 1978-1980 UCSD
Alessandro Vitale post-doc 1982-1985 UCSD
Loic Faye post-doc 1984-1986 UCSD
Arnd Sturm post-doc 1985-1988 UCSD
Toni Voelker post-doc 1985-1988 UCSD
C. Daniel Riggs post-doc 1987-1990 UCSD
Joachim Moreno post-doc 1988-1990 UCSD
Michael A. Tanchak post-doc 1988-1990 UCSD
Herman Hofte post-doc 1989-1992 UCSD
Shinobu Satoh post-doc 1991-1992 UCSD
Craig D. Dickinson post-doc 1991-1993 UCSD
Luis Gomez post-doc 1992-1994 UCSD
Jose J. Pueyo post-doc 1992-1994 UCSD
Antje von Schaewen post-doc 1992-1994 UCSD
Peter Welters post-doc 1993-1995 UCSD
T. Erik Mirkov post-doc 1993-1996 UCSD
Masao Ishimoto post-doc 1995-1996 UCSD
M. Fatima Grossi post-doc 1996-1998 UCSD
Alfons Weig post-doc 1996-1998 UCSD
Francois Chaumont post-doc 1997-2000 UCSD
Gabriella Colucci post-doc 1997-2000 UCSD
Nozomu Koizumi post-doc 1998-2000 UCSD
Raphael Morillon post-doc 1999-2002 UCSD
Immaculada Martinez post-doc 2000-2002 UCSD
Fabio Apone post-doc 2002-2003 UCSD
Ricardo Aroca post-doc 2004-2007 UCSD


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Eliot Mark Herman collaborator UCSD
Robert E Paull collaborator 1995-1995
Natasha V. Raikhel collaborator 1992-2000 UCSD
Jeff G. Moore collaborator 1999-2006 Phylogix
Thomas J. V. Higgins collaborator 1980-2008 CSIRO Canberra
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