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Lucia Campos (Info) CRAG, Spain plant biology, plant evolution, plant genomics, transposable elements lcamposdom 2023‑09‑29
Josep M Casacuberta (Info) CRAG, Spain lcamposdom 2023‑09‑29
Yvon Jaillais (Info) ENS de Lyon plantman 2016‑06‑08
Mar Marques-Bueno (Info) ENS de Lyon yjaillais 2021‑02‑01
Stephan Ossowski (Info) CRAG, Spain moto 2016‑06‑11
Ignacio Rubio (Info) CRAG, Spain moto 2016‑06‑11
Detlef Weigel (Info) Max-Planck-Institut für Entwicklungsbiologie plantman 2016‑06‑08
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