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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Rebecca A. Arundale (Info) UIUC david 2019‑01‑18
Fred M. Ausubel (Info) Harvard Molecular Biology jandh 2013‑07‑25
Thomas Turpin Bannister (Info) Rochester jandh 2015‑02‑12
Thomas Brutnell (Info) Donald Danforth Plant Science Center plantman 2016‑06‑11
John Theodore Buchholz (Info) UIUC plant morphology and gymnosperms (ferns) jandh 2017‑05‑09
Thomas Jonathan Burrill (Info) UIUC jandh 2017‑08‑28
Jack D. Butler (Info) Colorado State turfgrass jandh 2017‑08‑31
Joseph C. Castro (Info) UIUC david 2019‑01‑18
Charles P. Chen (Info) UIUC david 2019‑01‑18
Joanne Chory (Info) Salk Institute david 2016‑06‑08
Maarten J. Chrispeels (Info) UCSD Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences radante 2018‑12‑10
Gloria Coruzzi (Info) NYU plantman 2016‑06‑08
Frank G. Dohleman (Info) UIUC Plant Physiology pq 2019‑01‑18
Harry James Fuller (Info) UIUC jandh 2017‑08‑28
Arthur William Galston (Info) Yale jandh 2017‑08‑28
David Gottlieb (Info) UIUC plant pathology jandh 2018‑06‑08
Thomas Joseph Guilfoyle (Info) UMN, University of Missouri plant biology jandh 2017‑08‑31
Richard Harry Hageman (Info) UIUC plant nitrogen metabolism jandh 2018‑10‑20
John (Jack) Bernard Hanson (Info) UIUC Plant biology jandh 2017‑08‑31
William T. Hay (Info) UIUC david 2019‑01‑18
Emily A. Heaton (Info) UIUC david 2019‑01‑18
Michael Louis Hochberg (Info) SUNY Polytechnic Institute malcolms 2019‑04‑01
Thomas Kent Hodges (Info) Purdue, UIUC Plant Physiology jandh 2017‑08‑31
Kenneth W. Joy (Info) Carleton University jandh 2018‑10‑20
Samuel Kaplan (Info) UIUC, University of Texas Medical School at Houston Microbiology plantman 2016‑06‑08
Joe Lynn Key (Info) University of Georgia jandh 2017‑12‑16
Thomas Anthony Lonergan (Info) University of New Orleans malcolms 2019‑04‑01
Stephen P Long (Info) UIUC Environmental physiology, C4 photosynthesis jandh 2018‑05‑03
Amy Marshall-Colon (Info) UIUC moto 2016‑06‑10
Patrick B. Morgan (Info) UIUC david 2019‑01‑18
Adebosola O. Oladeinde (Info) UIUC david 2019‑01‑18
John Vasinto Paietta (Info) Wright State University malcolms 2019‑04‑01
Thomas Roosevelt Punnett, Jr. (Info) Rochester, Yale, UIUC, Temple University Photosynthesis rlm 2016‑09‑03
Ernest Shaw Reynolds (Info) Washington University jandh 2017‑08‑28
Marcus Morton Rhoades (Info) Indiana University, UIUC, Columbia genetics Dietrich 2008‑04‑17
Martin M Sachs (Info) UIUC jandh 2017‑08‑26
Malcolm L. Sargent (Info) UIUC RajnishK 2019‑02‑20
Christopher R. Somerville (Info) UC Berkeley Biofuels, Algae, Photosynthesis jandh 2013‑11‑20
Ashley K. Spence (Info) UIUC david 2019‑01‑18
Anthony Studer (Info) UIUC plantman 2016‑06‑11
William Trelease (Info) UW Madison, Washington University, UIUC taxonomy jandh 2017‑03‑08
Xinguang Zhu (Info) UIUC david 2019‑01‑18
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