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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Waldo Chamberlin (Info) NYU michaelaallen 2024‑01‑23
Cheng Chen (Info) Penn cnwillis 2024‑01‑23
Chad Clay (Info) University of Georgia Delvis 2024‑01‑23
Andres Gannon (Info) Vanderbilt International relations agannon 2024‑02‑01
Jillienne Haglund (Info) University of Kentucky Delvis 2024‑01‑23
Richard Hofferbert (Info) SUNY Binghamton Delvis 2024‑01‑23
Nakissa P. Jahanbani (Info) U.S. Military Academy at West Point cnwillis 2024‑01‑23
Neil Jumonville (Info) Florida State michaelaallen 2024‑01‑23
Michael D. McDonald (Info) Binghamton University (SUNY) michaelaallen 2024‑01‑23
Eric Mlyn (Info) UNC Chapel Hill michaelaallen 2024‑01‑23
Scott Page (Info) Caltech michaelaallen 2024‑01‑23
David L. Richards (Info) University of Connecticut Human rights, torture, violence against women, international law, measurement Delvis 2024‑01‑23
Gregory A. Robinson (Info) Binghamtom University michaelaallen 2024‑01‑23
Lars Schoultz (Info) UNC Chapel Hill michaelaallen 2024‑01‑23
Mark Russell Shulman (Info) Pace University, NYU Human Rights and International Law jandh 2024‑02‑09
Carl Simon (Info) University of Michigan michaelaallen 2024‑01‑23
Julie VanDusky (Info) Boise State University Political science julievandusky 2024‑01‑23
Charmaine N. Willis (Info) Skidmore College comparative politics, international relations, East Asia, Southeast Asia, contentious politics, US military, terrorism, sanctions cnwillis 2024‑01‑23
Stephanie Witt (Info) Boise State University State and Local Government switt 2024‑01‑25
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