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2019 Joslyn MR, Haider-Markel DP. Perceived causes of obesity, emotions, and attitudes about Discrimination Policy. Social Science & Medicine (1982). 223: 97-103. PMID 30718009 DOI: 10.1016/J.Socscimed.2019.01.019  1
2019 Haider-Markel D, Taylor JK, Flores AR, Lewis DC, Miller PR, Tadlock BL. Morality Politics and New Research on Transgender Politics and Public Policy The Forum. 17: 159-181. DOI: 10.1515/For-2019-0004  0.01
2018 Haider-Markel DP, Joslyn MR, Ahmed R, Badran S. Looters or political protesters? Attributions for civil unrest in American cities. Social Science Research. 75: 168-178. PMID 30080489 DOI: 10.1016/J.Ssresearch.2018.07.002  1
2017 Haider-Markel DP, Joslyn MR. Not Threat, But Threatening: Potential Causes and Consequences of Gay Innumeracy. Journal of Homosexuality. PMID 28885104 DOI: 10.1080/00918369.2017.1377490  1
2017 Haider-Markel D, Miller P, Flores A, Lewis DC, Tadlock B, Taylor J. Bringing “T” to the table: understanding individual support of transgender candidates for public office* Politics, Groups, and Identities. 5: 399-417. DOI: 10.1080/21565503.2016.1272472  0.01
2016 Joslyn MR, Haider-Markel DP. Genetic Attributions, Immutability, and Stereotypical Judgments: An Analysis of Homosexuality Social Science Quarterly. 97: 376-390. DOI: 10.1111/Ssqu.12263  1
2015 Sylvester SM, Haider-Markel DP. Buzz Kill: State Adoption of DUI Interlock Laws, 2005-11 Policy Studies Journal. DOI: 10.1111/psj.12128  1
2014 Joslyn MR, Haider-Markel DP. Who Knows Best? Education, Partisanship, and Contested Facts Politics and Policy. 42: 919-947. DOI: 10.1111/Polp.12098  1
2014 Jami KT, Haider-Markel DP. Transgender rights and politics: Groups, issue framing, and policy adoption Transgender Rights and Politics: Groups, Issue Framing, and Policy Adoption. 1-295.  1
2014 Jami KT, Haider-Markel DP. Conclusion and future directions in transgender politics and policy Transgender Rights and Politics: Groups, Issue Framing, and Policy Adoption. 273-282.  1
2014 Longaker JR, Haider-Markel DP. Transgender policy in Latin American countries: An overview and comparative perspective on framing Transgender Rights and Politics: Groups, Issue Framing, and Policy Adoption. 49-79.  1
2014 Jami KT, Haider-Markel DP. Introduction to transgender rights and politics Transgender Rights and Politics: Groups, Issue Framing, and Policy Adoption. 1-22.  1
2013 Joslyn MR, Haider-Markel DP. The politics of causes: Mass shootings and the cases of the virginia tech and tucson tragedies Social Science Quarterly. 94: 410-423. DOI: 10.1111/J.1540-6237.2012.00894.X  1
2013 Haider-Markel DP, Joslyn MR. Politicizing biology: Social movements, parties, and the case of homosexuality Social Science Journal. 50: 603-615. DOI: 10.1016/J.Soscij.2013.06.001  1
2010 Haider-Markel DP. Out and running: Gay and lesbian candidates, elections, and policy representation Out and Running: Gay and Lesbian Candidates, Elections, and Policy Representation. 1-188.  1
2009 Theobald NA, Haider-Markel DP. Race, bureaucracy, and symbolic representation: Interactions between citizens and police Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. 19: 409-426. DOI: 10.1093/jopart/mun006  1
2008 Haider-Markel DP, Joslyn MR. Pulpits versus ivory towers: Socializing agents and evolution attitudes Social Science Quarterly. 89: 665-683. DOI: 10.1111/J.1540-6237.2008.00553.X  1
2008 Sharp EB, Haider-Markel D. At the invitation of the court: Eminent domain reform in state legislatures in the wake of the Kelo decision Publius. 38: 556-575. DOI: 10.1093/Publius/Pjn006  1
2008 Haider-Markel DP, Joslyn MR. Beliefs about the origins of homosexuality and support for gay rights: An empirical test of attribution theory Public Opinion Quarterly. 72: 291-310. DOI: 10.1093/Poq/Nfn015  1
2008 Stoutenborough JW, Haider-Markel DP. Public confidence in the U.S. Supreme Court: A new look at the impact of Court decisions Social Science Journal. 45: 28-47. DOI: 10.1016/J.Soscij.2007.12.012  1
2007 Daley DM, Haider-Markel DP, Whitford AB. Checks, balances, and the cost of regulation: Evidence from the American States Political Research Quarterly. 60: 696-706. DOI: 10.2139/Ssrn.873489  1
2007 Haider-Markel DP, Querze A, Lindaman K. Lose, win, or draw?: A reexamination of direct democracy and minority rights Political Research Quarterly. 60: 304-314. DOI: 10.1177/1065912907301984  1
2007 Haider-Markel DP, Delehanty W, Beverlin M. Media framing and racial attitudes in the aftermath of Katrina Policy Studies Journal. 35: 587-605. DOI: 10.1111/J.1541-0072.2007.00238.X  1
2007 Joslyn MR, Haider-Markel DP. Sociotropic concerns and support for counterterrorism policies Social Science Quarterly. 88: 306-319. DOI: 10.1111/J.1540-6237.2007.00459.X  1
2007 Haider-Markel DP. Representation and backlash: The positive and negative influence of descriptive representation Legislative Studies Quarterly. 32: 107-133.  1
2006 Haider-Markel DP. Acting as fire alarms with law enforcement? Interest groups and bureaucratic activity on hate crime American Politics Research. 34: 95-130. DOI: 10.1177/1532673X05275630  1
2006 Haider-Markel DP, Allen AD, Johansen M. Understanding variations in media coverage of U.S. supreme court decisions: Comparing media outlets in their coverage of Lawrence v. Texas Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics. 11: 64-85. DOI: 10.1177/1081180X05286065  1
2006 Joslyn MR, Haider-Markel DP. Should we really "Kill" the messenger?Framing physician-assisted suicide and the role of messengers Political Communication. 23: 85-103. DOI: 10.1080/10584600500477104  1
2006 Haider-Markel DP, Joslyn MR, Al-Baghal MT. Can we frame the terrorist threat? Issue frames, the perception of threat, and opinions on counterterrorism policies Terrorism and Political Violence. 18: 545-559. DOI: 10.1080/09546550600880625  1
2006 Stoutenborough JW, Haider-Markel DP, Allen MD. Reassessing the impact of Supreme Court decisions on public opinion: Gay civil rights cases Political Research Quarterly. 59: 419-433.  1
2005 Haider-Markel DP, Joslyn MR. Attributions and the regulation of marriage: Considering the parallels between race and homosexuality Ps - Political Science and Politics. 38: 233-239. DOI: 10.1017/S1049096505056362  1
2005 Chamberlain R, Haider-Markel DP. "Lien on Me": State policy innovation in response to paper terrorism Political Research Quarterly. 58: 449-460.  1
2004 Haider-Markel DP, Joslyn MR. Just how important is the messenger versus the message? The case of framing physician-assisted suicide. Death Studies. 28: 243-62. PMID 15053033 DOI: 10.1080/07481180490276571  1
2004 Allen MD, Pettus C, Haider-Markel DP. Making the National Local: Specifying the Conditions for National Government Influence on State Policymaking State Politics and Policy Quarterly. 4: 318-344. DOI: 10.1177/153244000400400304  1
2004 Haider-Markel DP. Perception and misperception in urban criminal justice policy: The case of hate crime Urban Affairs Review. 39: 491-512.  1
2003 Roh J, Haider-Markel DP. All politics is not local: National forces in state abortion initiatives Social Science Quarterly. 84: 15-31. DOI: 10.1111/1540-6237.t01-1-8401002  1
2003 Haider-Markel DP, Meier KJ. Legislative victory, electoral uncertainty: Explaining outcomes in the battles over lesbian and gay civil rights Review of Policy Research. 20: 671-690. DOI: 10.1046/J.1541-1338.2003.00046.X  1
2002 Haider-Markel DP. Regulating Hate: State and Local Influences on Hate Crime Law Enforcement State Politics and Policy Quarterly. 2: 126-160. DOI: 10.1177/153244000200200202  1
2002 Joslyn MR, Haider-Markel DP. Framing effects on personal opinion and perception of public opinion: The cases of physician-assisted suicide and social security Social Science Quarterly. 83: 690-706. DOI: 10.1111/1540-6237.00109  1
2002 Lindaman K, Haider-Markel DP. Issue evolution, political parties, and the culture wars Political Research Quarterly. 55: 91-110.  1
2001 Haider-Markel DP. Policy Diffusion as a Geographical Expansion of the Scope of Political Conflict: Same-Sex Marriage Bans in the 1990s State Politics and Policy Quarterly. 1: 5-26. DOI: 10.1177/153244000100100102  1
2001 Jeon Y, Haider-Markel DP. Tracing issue definition and policy change: An analysis of disability issue images and policy response Policy Studies Journal. 29: 215-231. DOI: 10.1111/J.1541-0072.2001.Tb02087.X  1
2001 Haider-Markel DP, Joslyn MR. Gun policy, opinion, tragedy, and blame attribution: The conditional influence of issue frames Journal of Politics. 63: 520-543. DOI: 10.1111/0022-3816.00077  1
2000 Joslyn MR, Haider-Markel DP. Guns in the ballot box: Information, groups, and opinion in ballot initiative campaigns American Politics Research. 28: 355-378. DOI: 10.1177/1532673X00028003004  1
1999 Haider-Markel DP. Morality policy and individual-level political behavior: The case of legislative voting on lesbian and gay issues Policy Studies Journal. 27: 735-749.  1
1999 Haider-Markel DP. Redistributing values in congress: Interest group influence under sub-optimal conditions Political Research Quarterly. 52: 113-144.  1
1998 O'Brien SP, Haider-Markel DP. Fueling the fire: Social and political correlates of citizen militia activity Social Science Quarterly. 79: 456-465.  1
1998 Haider-Markel DP. The politics of social regulatory policy: State and federal hate crime policy and implementation effort Political Research Quarterly. 51: 69-88.  1
1997 Haider-Markel DP, O'Brien SP. Creating a "well regulated militia": Policy responses to paramilitary groups in the American States Political Research Quarterly. 50: 551-565.  1
1996 Meier KJ, Haider-Markel DP, Stanislawski AJ, Mcfarlane DR. The impact of state-level restrictions on abortion Demography. 33: 307-312. PMID 8875064 DOI: 10.2307/2061763  1
1996 Haider-Markel DP, Meier KJ. The politics of gay and lesbian rights: Expanding the scope of the conflict Journal of Politics. 58: 332-349.  1
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