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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Sejin Ahn (Info) Harvard david 2018‑08‑07
Göran Akusjärvi (Info) Uppsala xeniorn 2021‑09‑03
Elizabeth H Bayne (Info) Edinburgh, Edinburgh DarrenObbard 2019‑02‑12
Ya-Ting Chang (Info) University of Illinois, Chicago nakamut 2022‑03‑23
Lauren F Cheek (Info) University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences DNA damage tolerance, DNA repair, bacteria, pathoadaptation, antibiotic resistance lc50413919 2023‑05‑16
Vanessa Cheung (Info) Harvard david 2018‑08‑07
Sergej Djuranovic (Info) Washington University School of Medicine RNA, Translation skoester 2021‑02‑23
Ginny Farías (Info) NIH cguardia 2018‑12‑29
Anne K. Klomwieder (Info) Harvard david 2018‑08‑07
Diana E. Libuda (Info) Harvard david 2018‑08‑07
Yueyang Ma (Info) Shanghai Jiao Tong University flocculation MaYueyang 2021‑01‑16
Jorg Martin (Info) Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology skoester 2021‑02‑23
Oliver Mühlemann (Info) University of Bern xeniorn 2021‑09‑03
Syed Nabeel-Shah (Info) University of Toronto RNA, chromatin, gene expression, proteomics Nabsyed 2022‑08‑02
Donald M. Prather (Info) Harvard david 2018‑08‑07
Jing Pu (Info) NIH cguardia 2019‑06‑12
Dan S. Ray (Info) UCLA grantwbrown 2019‑11‑15
Caitlin T. Reavey (Info) Harvard david 2018‑08‑07
Pei-Yun J. Wu (Info) Harvard david 2018‑08‑07
Hiro Yamano (Info) University College London (UCL) cell cycle, proteolysis, PTM, ubiquitylation, phosphorylation hiroyamano 2022‑04‑05
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