Boston University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Tibor P. A. PalfaiClinical Psychology
Charles I. Abramsoncomparative analysis of behavior1986 Henry Marcucella (grad student)
Allison J. ApplebaumClinical Psychology2011 Michael Otto (grad student)
David H. BarlowAnxiety disorders, sexual dysfunction
Shawnee L. BasdenClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Experimental Psychology2010 Michael Otto (grad student)
Jacob Beckvisual perception
Madeline Becker
Austin West Berkeley
Virginia BestPsychoacoustics20042007 Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham (post-doc)
Yelena BogdanovaNeurorehabilitation, TBI, Neuromodulation2008 Edith Kaplan (grad student), Alice Cronin-Golomb (grad student)
James A. Brissenden20132019 David C. Somers (grad student)
Jessica Cailsign tracking, discrimination learning, schedules of reinforcement, animal models of alcoholism2007 Henry Marcucella (grad student)
Caitlin F. Canfield Psychological & Brain Sciences GRS2014 Kimberly Saudino (grad student)
Brittany S. Cassidysocial neuroscience, memory, aging20062007 David C. Somers (research assistant)
Andrea Celenza1985 Murray Louis Cohen (grad student)
Ian L. Chandler-CampbellSocial Cognition, Child Development School of Education Kathleen H. Corriveau (grad student)
Meredith E. CharneyClinical Psychology2008 Michael Otto (grad student)
Sonia Chawla Psychological and Brain Sciences2013 Kimberly Saudino (grad student)
Murray Louis Cohen1955 Austin West Berkeley (grad student)
Kathleen H. Corriveau
Susan K. Fenstermacher2009 Kimberly Saudino (grad student)
Daniel FulfordClinical
Jeff R. Gagne2008 Kimberly Saudino (grad student)
Frederick J. GallunAuditory system, psychoacoustics Gerald Kidd Jr. (post-doc)
Michael E. HasselmoMemory, acetylcholine, entorhinal cortex, hippocampus
Bridget A. HearonClinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Recreation, Nutrition Psychological and Brain Sciences GRS2013 Michael Otto (grad student)
Denise A. Hines
Jessica Hlay
Antje IhlefeldPsychoacoustics, Cochlear Implants, computational modeling20012007 Gerald Kidd Jr. (post-doc), Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham (grad student)
Kathleen Kantak
Melissa M. Kibbecognitive development
Gerald Kidd Jr.psychoacoustics
Norbert Kopcopsychocaoustics19992003 Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham (grad student)
Jacqueline LiedermanDevelopmental neuropsychology, TMS, reading, visual attention
Sam Lingvision, attention, binocular rivalry, visual psychophysics, fmri, tms, learning Randolph Blake (post-doc)
James Luiselli David Marholin II (grad student)
Henry Marcucellasign tracking, discrimination learning, schedules of reinforcement, animal models of alcoholism
David Marholin II
Clara Mayo
Rahma Mbarkitheory of mind, intuitive theories, cognitive development Psychological & Brain Sciences2023 Melissa M. Kibbe (grad student)
Rebecca K. McHughClinical Psychology2012 Michael Otto (grad student)
Lauren Micalizzi Psychological and Brain Sciences2016 Kimberly Saudino (grad student)
Ennio Mingollavisual psychophysics, neural models of vision19781983 Robert E. Shaw (grad student)
Michael T. MooreMood and anxiety disorders
Daniel K. MroczekDevelopmental Psychology, Criminology and Penology Psychology1993 Daniel J. Ozer (grad student)
Rachel K. NauerMemory, spatial navigation2013 Chantal Stern (grad student)
Shigeaki Nishinavisual perception, learning, decision making, computation20042009 Takeo Watanabe (post-doc)
Daniel J. NortonVision, Psychopathology, Neurological disorders2009 Alice Cronin-Golomb (grad student)
Robert J. OrazemClinical Psychology, General Psychology, Physiological Psychology Psychological & Brain Sciences CAS/GRS2013 Michael Otto (grad student)
Brian Ostafin Clinical Psychology Tibor P. A. Palfai (grad student)
Michael OttoClinical Psychology
Ralph L. PiedmontPersonality Psychology, Psychology of Religion19821989 Henry Weinberg (grad student)
Mark B. PowersClinical Psychology Department of Psychology2005 Michael Otto (post-doc)
Michele RucciActive Perception, theoretical neuroscience, visual psychophysics, humanoid robotics
Ina Samuels
Kimberly Saudino
Haline E. Schendanvision, learning, memory, meaning, knowledge Chantal Stern (post-doc)
Aaron R. SeitzSensory Systems, Perceptual Learning20062003 Praveen Kumar Pilly (collaborator), Stephen Grossberg (grad student)
Barbara G. Shinn-CunninghamPsychoacoustics19861989 Frederick J. Gallun (collaborator), Patrick Zurek (grad student)
Georgia StathopoulouClinical Psychology2009 Michael Otto (grad student)
Paula M. Steffensign tracking, discrimination learning, schedules of reinforcement, animal models of alcoholism2000 Henry Marcucella (grad student)
Daniel J. Tollinauditory physiology, psychophysics19911995 H Steven Colburn (research assistant)
Yina TsaiDevelopmental psychology; cognitive neuroscience20092010 Takeo Watanabe (research assistant), Tsung-Ren Huang (collaborator)
Wayland Vaughan
Karen J. Visconti
Manjie Wang2013 Kimberly Saudino (grad student)
Henry WeinbergPersonality
Yuko YotsumotoCognitive Neuroscience Takeo Watanabe (post-doc), Li-Hung Chang (collaborator)