University of Illinois at Chicago

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Olu AjiloreBiological psychiatry
Michelle I. Albright2002 Roger P. Weissberg (grad student)
Sarah E. Altman Psychology2011 Stewart A. Shankman (grad student)
Michelle Bloodworth2008 Roger P. Weissberg (grad student)
Bette L. Bottoms
Violeta D Carrion psychology Michael W. Levine (grad student)
Daniel Cervone
Sarah Keedy CooperNeurocognitive dysfunction and effects of antipsychotic medication; Top down/bottom up processes in psychoses; quantification of hallucination severity (CHAT)
Ebony M. Dill2007 Roger P. Weissberg (grad student)
Allison B. Dymnicki2010 Roger P. Weissberg (grad student)
Leonard EronChild Psychology, Aggression
David P. Gavinpsychosis, epigenetics2001 Alessandro Guidotti (research scientist), Rajiv P. Sharma (post-doc)
Rachel H. JacobsTreatment outcomes, Pediatric mood disorders
Leonard A. JasonCommunity Psychology, Recovery homes, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome James Kelly (grad student)
Alfred W. KaszniakNeuropsychology, Emotions, Memory, Consciousness, Meditation Rosalind Dymond Cartwright (grad student), Leonard Eron (grad student)
James Kelly
Anand Kumar
John LyonsMental Health and Public Policy Alexander J. Rosen (grad student)
Matthew Stephen McMurrayBehavioral pharmacology, neuroteratology, in vivo electrophysiology2011 Jamie Roitman (post-doc)
Richard J. McNally Steven Reiss (grad student)
Matt MotylSocial psychology, political psychology, intergroup relations, conflict
Brady D. Nelson Psychology2013 Stewart A. Shankman (grad student)
Julienne PalbusaDevelopmental Psychology2016 Susan P. Farruggia (post-doc)
Michael H Pasek
Karina ReyesDiversity, School transitions
Elizabeth J. Robison Psychology2011 Stewart A. Shankman (grad student)
Carlos SalasMemory, Metacognition
Casey Sarapas
Theresa M. Schultz2000 Roger P. Weissberg (grad student)
Stewart A. Shankman
Rajiv P. Sharmapsychosis, epigenetics
Manolya Tanyu2007 Roger P. Weissberg (grad student)
Rebecca D. Taylor Psychology2011 Roger P. Weissberg (grad student)
Harry Upshaw
Roger P. Weissberg
Katie WitkiewitzClinical Psychology