University of Notre Dame

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kathleen T. Ashenfelter Psychology Steven M. Boker (grad student)
Laura CarlsonSpatial cognition
Rebecca Y. M. Cheungwell-being, mental health, developmental psychopathology Psychology2014 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Edward Conlin
E. Mark CummingsMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence Mary Ainsworth (research assistant)
Gina M. De Arth-PendleyMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2002 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Tina D. Du Rocher SchudlichMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2004 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Tammy L. DukewichMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2001 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Kathleen M. EberhardCognitive Psychology, General Language
Mona El-Sheikh1989 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
W. B. FairclothMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2005 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Melissa R. GeorgeMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2010 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Marybeth A. GrahamMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2003 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Anthony A. HainsClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology Psychology Psychology1981 Ellen B Ryan (grad student), Dolores J. Miller (grad student)
Heather L. Holleman2012 Scott M. Monroe (grad student)
George S. HowardCounseling Psychology
Peggy S. KellerMarital Conflict, Parental Problem Drinking, Sleep20002006 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Kalsea J. KossMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2012 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Yuliya Kotelnikova Psychology2017 Lee Anna Clark (post-doc)
Roman Kotov20002006 David Watson (grad student)
Chrystyna D. KourosMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2008 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Michael Yan-Kiat LauCounseling Psychology20012008 George S. Howard (grad student)
Kathleen P. McCoyMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2011 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Nicole M. McNeil
Christine E. MerrileesMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2009 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Dolores J. MillerDevelopmental Psychology
Jared E. Miller Psychology2013 Laura Carlson (grad student)
Patricia M. MitchellMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2007 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Scott M. MonroeLife stress, depression
Lauren M. PappMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2005 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Ellen B Ryan
Alice C. Schermerhorn2005 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Haya ShamirMarital Conflict, Emotional Security, Political Violence2002 E. Mark Cummings (grad student)
Won Jae Shin Psychology2014 Kathleen M. Eberhard (grad student)
Anne Simonsdevelopment and treatment of depression and other related disorders
Michael Anthony Villanohuman-computer interaction, human-robotic interaction, 3D and VR game technologies, decision-making
David Watson
Michelle M. Wirthemotion, motivation, behavioral endocrinology
Julaine D. Zenk Psychology20152020 Michael Anthony Villano (grad student)