University of Rochester

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Dagmar R. Kaufmann2008 Peter A. Wyman (grad student)
Shannon M. Smith School of Arts and Sciences2012 Harry T. Reis (grad student)
Shelly L. Gable2000 Harry T. Reis (grad student)
Harry T. Reisclose relationships; social psychology
Michael R. ManiaciSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology School of Arts and Sciences2015 Harry T. Reis (grad student)
Peter A. CaprarielloSocial Psychology, Behavioral Psychology School of Arts and Sciences2012 Harry T. Reis (grad student)
Cheryl L. CarmichaelDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology2011 Harry T. Reis (grad student)
Fen-Fang TsaiSocial Psychology2006 Harry T. Reis (grad student)
Bobbi J. CarothersSocial Psychology, Women's Studies, Statistics2003 Harry T. Reis (grad student)
Laird J. RawsthorneIndustrial Psychology2001 Harry T. Reis (grad student)
Richard Koestnermotivation Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology Miron Zuckerman (grad student)
Emma L. Forbes-Jones2003 Peter A. Wyman (grad student)
Sarah C. Creelpsycholinguistics, temporal perception2005 Richard N. Aslin (grad student)
Julia Y. KimPrevention2000 Emory L. Cowen (grad student)
Aaron Metzger2007 Judith Smetana (grad student)
Craig G. ChambersPsycholinguistics2001 Gregory Norman Carlson (grad student), Michael K. Tanenhaus (grad student)
Mitsuo Ikedavision science, psychophysics, color vision Robert M. Boynton (grad student)
Jeremy P. Jamiesonsocial stress, emotion regulation, stereotype threat
Brianne Linne
Dick Aslin
Wilbert LawGeneral Psychology, Social Psychology School of Arts and Sciences2013 Andrew J. Elliot (grad student)
T. Florian Jaegercomputational psycholinguistics
Karl S. RosengrenCognitive Development, Motor Development, Perception
Rachel S. SussmanPsycholinguistics Linguistics Brain and Cognitive Sciences2006 Gregory Norman Carlson (grad student), Michael K. Tanenhaus (grad student)
Juris Draguns Psychology John Flavell (grad student)
John Flavell
Phillip N. Smith Kim Van Orden (post-doc)
Inge-Marie Eigesti
Emory L. CowenPrevention
Paul A. Obrist1958 Emory L. Cowen (grad student)
Melchi M. MichelVision, ideal observer models, perceptual learning, visual search, population coding2007 Robert Jacobs (grad student)
Roger FeltmanGeneral Psychology, Social Psychology School of Arts and Sciences2013 Andrew J. Elliot (grad student)
James W. FryerSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Middle School Education2010 Andrew J. Elliot (grad student)
Rachael R. MapesSocial Psychology2008 Andrew J. Elliot (grad student)
Ron FriedmanExperimental Psychology2008 Andrew J. Elliot (grad student)
Todd M. ThrashPersonality Psychology, Social Psychology2003 Andrew J. Elliot (grad student)
Holly A. McGregorSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology2003 Andrew J. Elliot (grad student)
Michael J ChandlerDevelopmental, Social & Personality
Andrew J. Elliot
Carl R. Inglingvisual psychophysics1968 Robert M. Boynton (grad student)
Eshin Jollycognitive neuroscience, social cognition Jessica F. Cantlon (research assistant)
Leonard A. JasonCommunity Psychology, Recovery homes, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Emory L. Cowen (grad student)
Nobuya SatoMemory, Navigation Charles J. Duffy (post-doc)
Edward J. Rinalducci Basic and applied aspects of vision and visual perception1966 Robert M. Boynton (grad student)
Inge-Marie EigstiLanguage acquisition, autism2001 Elissa Newport (grad student), Richard N. Aslin (grad student)
Scott P. JohnsonDevelopmental psychology Dick Aslin (post-doc)
Edward Creer BeckPsychology1956 Robert W. Doty (grad student)
Julian RappaportCommunity Psychology Emory L. Cowen (grad student)
Irwin Sandler1971 Emory L. Cowen (grad student)
Roger P. Weissberg1980 Emory L. Cowen (grad student)
Joseph F. SturrVisual psychophysics Robert M. Boynton (grad student)
Morton Wienersubliminal perception1953 Emory L. Cowen (grad student)
Jenny R. SaffranDevelopmental Psychology Elissa Newport (grad student)
Stanley M. SaponPsycholinguistics
Leonard CarmichaelNeuroethology, child psychology
Elmer CullerPsychology
Kathi L. Heffnerstress, physiological reactivity, psychoneuroimmunology, aging
Alex B. Finepsycholinguistics, syntax, morphology School of Arts and Sciences School of Arts and Sciences20082013 Christina S. Kim (collaborator), T. Florian Jaeger (grad student), Jeffrey Runner (grad student)
Jeffrey Runnersyntax, psycholinguistics
Christina S. Kimlinguistics, psycholinguistics School of Arts and Sciences School of Arts and Sciences20072012 Jeffrey Runner (grad student), Michael K. Tanenhaus (grad student), Kathleen M. Carbary (collaborator)
Kathleen M. Carbarypsycholinguistics School of Arts and Sciences20062011 Natalie M. Klein (collaborator), Michael K. Tanenhaus (grad student)
Paul Duberstein
Judith Smetana
Paul M. Fittsmotor system, humans19361938 Leonard Carmichael (grad student)
John B. NezlekDaily experience, Well-being, Multilevel Modeling19731977 Ladd Wheeler (grad student)
Keith RaynerEye Movements, Reading, Visual Cognition, Language Processing
Marc B. MandlerVisual psychophysics19791983 Walter L. Makous (grad student)
Peter A. Wyman19821987 Emory L. Cowen (grad student)
Elizabeth Lunbeck
Curt Burgess19861991 Michael K. Tanenhaus (grad student)
Michael J. SpiveyPsycholinguistics, Eye Tracking, Dynamic Systems19911996 Michael K. Tanenhaus (grad student), Mary M. Hayhoe (grad student)
Kathleen M. EberhardCognitive Psychology, General Language Brain and Cognitive Sciences19931996 Michael K. Tanenhaus (post-doc), Gary Dell (research assistant), Thomas G. Bever (post-doc)
James S. MagnusonPsycholinguistics19952001 Mary M. Hayhoe (grad student), Michael K. Tanenhaus (grad student), Richard N. Aslin (grad student)
Peter Bexvisual psychophysics, motion perception19951997 Walter L. Makous (post-doc)
Daniel J. WeissComparative Psychology20002003 Elissa Newport (post-doc)
Mohinish ShuklaCognition, Brain imaging, Language20002007 Jacques Mehler (grad student), Richard N. Aslin (post-doc)
Julie Markantselective attention, learning, infancy and early childhood Brain and Cognitive Sciences20022005 Richard N. Aslin (research assistant)
Duane G. WatsonPsycholinguistics, discourse processes Brain and Cognitive Sciences20022005 Michael K. Tanenhaus (post-doc)
Rebecca L. StClairAttention, Motion, Tracking20062006 Tatiana Pasternak (research assistant)
Michael A. Sugarmancognitive aging, Alzheimer's disease, fMRI20072010 Daphne Bavelier (research assistant)
Kira O McCabePersonality Psychology Psychology20092015 Andrew J. Elliot (grad student)
Chris R. Sims2009 Robert Jacobs (post-doc), David C. Knill (post-doc)
Kaitlyn M. WernerGoal pursuit, motivation, self-regulation, self-control, self-determination theory Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology20092013 Christopher P. Niemiec (research assistant)
Amanda PogueDevelopmental Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Language Acquisition, Cognitive Development, Conceptual Development2013 Michael K. Tanenhaus (grad student)
Scott FraundorfPsycholinguistics, discourse processes, metacognition Brain and Cognitive Sciences20132014 T. Florian Jaeger (post-doc)