University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Erin L. AdamsIschemia, Neurodegeneration, Neuroimmunology20092011 James R. Moyer (research scientist), Julia A. Detert (research assistant)
Kristoffer S. BerlinPediatric Psychology, Health Equity, Child Clinical Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, Health Clinical Psychology20002007 Anthony A. Hains (grad student), W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
Kristopher Berlin Psychology20052006 Alan H. Silverman (grad student)
Natalie Brei20142015 Matthew D. Jandrisevits (grad student)
Thomas Budde2009 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Laura Carter Educational Psychology2004 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Lisa Clifford Clinical Psychology20042010 Alan H. Silverman (grad student), Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Patrick K. CullenBehavioral Neuroscience2013 Fred J. Helmstetter (post-doc)
Ellen Defenderfer Psychology Alan H. Silverman (grad student)
Eric M. DriessenClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology2002 W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
Sarah Eckhardt20072008 Matthew D. Jandrisevits (grad student)
Steven W. EllmannClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2002 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Sam Everhart20162017 Matthew D. Jandrisevits (grad student)
Stephanie Farrell Educational Psychology1999 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Nicole FerraraNeuroscience2012 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Katie M. FleischmanEducational Psychology Education, Clinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology20072012 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Ayala Y. GorodzinskyClinical Psychology, Health Care Management Psychology2013 W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
Madalyn HafenbreidelBehavioral Neuroscience20102016 Devin Mueller (grad student)
Anthony A. HainsClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology Psychology W. Hobart Davies (collaborator)
Deborah E. Hannula
Susan Heinze Psychology Alan H. Silverman (grad student)
Kate Holman Psychology Alan H. Silverman (grad student)
Kathryn S. HolmanClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2012 W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
Eva Igler20172018 Matthew D. Jandrisevits (grad student)
Matthew D. JandrisevitsHealth Education, Clinical Psychology, Medicine and Surgery2006 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Kristen E. JastrowskiClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Black Studies2006 W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
Debra Klich Educational Psychology2013 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Bettie J. LarusGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology2000 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Nina G Linneman Educational Psychology Psychology20182022 Nadya A. Fouad (grad student), W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
Krista L. Lisdahl MedinaNeuropsychology, Imaging Genetics, Drug Effects, Gender Differences, Adolescent Neurodevelopment
Michael R. McCartClinical Psychology2006 W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
Gustavo R. MedranoClinical Psychology Psychology2014 W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
James R. Moyerneuroscience, potassium channels, AHPs, IA learning
Amy-Ridley Myers Educational Psychology1999 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Michael PeroneBehavior Analysis Alan Baron (grad student)
Rebecca Kamody, PhD Psychology20002007 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Lori F. PhelpsClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2006 W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
Kathryn R. Phillippi-ImmelClinical Psychology2001 W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
David S. ReisLearning and Memory2011 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Katie Salamon Clinical Psychology2012 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Katherine S. SalamonGeneral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Alternative Medicine2012 W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
Amy Sato Clinical Psychology2009 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Doug SchultzNeural basis of human fear conditioning, fMRI, functional connectivity, learning & memory20052014 Fred J. Helmstetter (grad student)
Alan H. SilvermanClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2001 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)
Susant. TranCognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology Psychology2014 W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
Kristina J. VollmerClinical Psychology, Law2005 W. Hobart Davies (grad student)
Jessica J. WalosGuidance and Counseling Education, Educational Psychology Education, Secondary Education2004 Anthony A. Hains (grad student)