Dartmouth College

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Prescott Alexander2012 Peter Ulric Tse (research assistant), Alexander Schlegel (collaborator)
Stephanie BakerCognitive Neuroscience Laura-Ann Petitto (post-doc)
JACOB T BORODOVSKYEpidemiology, Substance Use, Cannabis, Buprenorphine20142018 Alan Budney (grad student), Lisa Marsch (grad student)
Rebecca G. Boswell20062012 Todd F. Heatherton (research assistant)
Luke J. ChangNeuroeconomics, Clinical Psychology, Social Neuroscience, Affective Neuroscience
Paul Michael CorballisCognitive Neuroscience, ERP, Attention, Visual Perception19962002 Michael Gazzaniga (post-doc)
Catherine Cramer
Sergey Victor FogelsonCognitive Neuroscience, Object Perception, fMRI Psychological and Brain Sciences20082013 Peter Ulric Tse (grad student)
Sebastian FrankAttention, visual search, perceptual learning Peter Ulric Tse (grad student)
Stephanie A. Gagnonmemory, decision-making20072010 Richard H. Granger (research assistant)
Eshin Jollycognitive neuroscience, social cognition Psychological and Brain Sciences Thalia P. Wheatley (grad student), Luke J. Chang (grad student)
Olivia E. KangCrossmodal perception2010 Thalia P. Wheatley (grad student)
John Kingsburyhealth psychology
Lisa Marsch
Ming MengVision, neuroimaging, psychophysics
O'Dhaniel A. Mullette-GillmanDecision Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Decision Making, Executive Functions, Value-to-Utility Transformation, Moral Judgments19992005 Jennifer M. Groh (grad student), Yale E. Cohen (grad student)
Shawn S. Nelson SchmittPsychology and Deafness Laura-Ann Petitto (research assistant)
Carolyn M. ParkinsonCrossmodal perception2009 Thalia P. Wheatley (grad student)
Kristin J. Paukerintergroup relations, development of stereotyping and prejudice, social perception, multiracial Psychology20012002 Jennifer A. Richeson (research assistant)
Paola Peacock-VilladaPsychology and Political Science Laura-Ann Petitto (research assistant)
Katie PorterVision20082011 Peter Ulric Tse (research assistant)
Patricia A. Reuter-LorenzNeuropsychology, Cognitive Neuroscience Michael Gazzaniga (post-doc)
LiWei SunAttention, NCC, Vision Peter Ulric Tse (grad student)
Sophie Trawaltersocial psychology, race, discrimination, prejudice Jennifer A. Richeson (grad student)
Peter Ulric TseVision, Attention, NCC, Form, Motion, fMRI, DTI
Dylan D. Wagnersocial neuroscience, social psychology Psychological and Brain Sciences20052011 Todd F. Heatherton (grad student)
Christopher Welker2018 Thalia P. Wheatley (research assistant)
Thalia P. Wheatley
Katherine WhiteCognitive Neuroscience Laura-Ann Petitto (post-doc)
george wolfordmathematical psychology, cognition William Bevan (grad student)
Adrienne Wood2018 Thalia P. Wheatley (post-doc)
Ryan M. YoderSpatial Cognition, Memory, Anatomy2005 Jeffrey S. Taube (post-doc)