West Virginia University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Chelsea M. AleSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers Psychology2012 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Raquel Alo2008 Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Haleh Amaniehbehavior analysis Psychology20182022 Michael Perone (grad student)
Karen G. AndersonBehavioral pharmacology, Behavior analysis
Cynthia M. Anderson1998 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Karla AnhaltSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers2000 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Dev AshishContemplative Neuroscience, Clinical Neuropsychology Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry20162017 Marc Haut (post-doc)
Alisa B. Bahl2000 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Patricia BamontiMental health and aging Amy Fiske (grad student)
Jessica BarberSocial Psychology; Attitudes; Political Psychology Natalie J. Shook (grad student)
Robin M. BartlettSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers2000 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Melissa D. Blank
Emily H. Bower2009 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Rachel A. Bowman2001 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Chad S. BriceSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers Psychology2012 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Jamey T BrumbaughClinical Psychology Psychology20192024 Daniel McNeil (grad student)
Carlos R, X CançadoExperimental Analysis of Behavior20072011 Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Yi-Chuen Chen2006 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Karishma Chengappa Psychology2013 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Daniel B. ChorneySocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers2009 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Jennifer A. ChrystanSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers2007 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Caroline M. Ciliberti Psychology2013 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Russ ClaySocial Psychology; Threat Detection Natalie J. Shook (grad student)
John Cone
James Edward CookBehavior Analysis2011 Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Amanda H. Costello Eberly College of Arts & Sciences2014 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Brian CreasySocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers Psychology2012 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Thomas S. CritchfieldBehavior Analysis19841989 Michael Perone (grad student)
Stehanie P. da Silva2003 Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Kevin S. Del Ben2004 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Michael F. DetweilerSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers2005 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Chata Dickson Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
James W. Dillerbehavior analysis20042009 Karen G. Anderson (grad student)
Adam H. Doughty2002 Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Lisa W. Drozdick2003 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Christina L. Duncan
Barry A. Edelstein
barry edelsteincliinical geropsychology
Mirari Elcoroexperimental analysis of behavior, neuroscience2008 Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Carie L. English2004 Cynthia M. Anderson (grad student)
Rogelio EscobarBehavior Analysis Kennon Andy Lattal (post-doc)
Jeffrey J. EverlyBehavior Analysis2007 Michael Perone (grad student)
Erika A. Fenstermacher Psychology2019 Amy Fiske (grad student)
Holly A. Filcheck2003 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Amy Fiske
Kimberly P. Foley2010 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Kayla B. Follmer Management Kisha S. Jones (grad student)
Apral Foreman2016 Claire C. St. Peter (grad student)
Anne M. Foreman Psychology2012 Michael Perone (grad student)
Beverly L. FortsonSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers2005 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Alivia Frazier2019 Kevin T. Larkin (grad student)
William Fremouw1974 Norman F. Watt (grad student)
Abby H. FriedmanSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers2007 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Kristin M. Gabella
Amy M. Galbraith2011 Cynthia M. Anderson (grad student)
Chad Galuska2003 Michael Perone (grad student)
Amy L. Gentzler
Lindsay A. Gerolimatos Arts & Sciences2014 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Aimee F. GilesApplied behavior analysis Psychology2012 Claire C. St. Peter (grad student)
Peter GirolamiSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers2004 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Christine E. Gould2011 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Laurie A. GrecoSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers2003 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Jeffrey J. Gregg Arts & Sciences2014 Amy Fiske (grad student)
Shannon S. Haag2004 Cynthia M. Anderson (grad student)
Robin Choi Han Psychology Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Yusuke HayashiBehavior Analysis2009 Michael Perone (grad student)
Steven C. HayesACT, RFT, CBS, CBT, Evolutionary Science Psychiology19721977 John Cone (grad student)
Michelle Heffner2003 Michael Perone (grad student), Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Amy D. Herschell2003 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
August F. Holtyn Psychology2012 Michael Perone (grad student)
Kristina HoodSocial Psychology; Attitudes Natalie J. Shook (grad student)
Vanessa M. Jacoby Eberly College of Arts and Sciences20062014 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student), Elisa Krackow (grad student)
David P. Jarmolowicz2011 Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Tara L. Johnson Psychology Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Andrea M. JonesSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers Psychology2012 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Kimberly D. Kalish2001 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Kristina M. Kania Eberly College of Arts and Sciences2014 Elisa Krackow (grad student)
Susan D. Kapla2005 Cynthia M. Anderson (grad student)
Brian Katz
Colleen M. KeelanPsychology20102015 William Fremouw (grad student)
Kimberly M. Kellybehavioral science, cancer, cancer screening, risk
Mary Lou Kelly1982 Trevor Stokes (grad student)
Steven G. Kinseyendocannabinoid system, stress, pain
Todd W. KnealingBehavior Analysis, Behavior Pharmacology19972002 David Schaal (grad student)
Lesley P. Koven2004 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Elisa Krackow
Toshikazu KurodaExperimental Analysis of Behavior2012 Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Liz Kyonkaanimal learning
Kevin T. Larkin
Kennon Andy Lattalbehavior analysis, animal learning andbehavior, experimental analysis of behavior
Carrie Danielle LeeDevelopmental Psychology, political
Carl Lejuez Daniel McNeil (grad student)
Sarah (Salli) Lewis2002 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Corey LienemanPcit Psychology2016 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Gregory A. Lieving2000 Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Jessica B. Long2009 Michael Perone (grad student)
Angela J. Lowery2007 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Vicki A. Lumley2001 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Ronald Ralph Martin2002 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Joshua J. Masse2009 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Catherine J. MasseySocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers2000 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Megan E. Maxwell2008 Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Katrina L. McCoy2010 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Deborah R. McKee2001 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Matthew R. McNallyClinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology20112016 William Fremouw (grad student)
Cheryl Bodiford McNeil
Daniel McNeil
Aaron Metzger
Hawley E. Montgomery-Downssleep, sleep disorders20012005 David Gozal (post-doc)
Tracy L. MorrisSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers Alan Gross (grad student)
Kimberly B. Mullen-James1999 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Todd Matthew Myers2000 Michael Perone (grad student)
Michael R. Nadorff Psychology2012 Amy Fiske (grad student)
Sara R. Nass Psychology20132017 Steven G. Kinsey (grad student)
Sarra Nazem Eberly College of Arts & Sciences2013 Amy Fiske (grad student)
Sarah Nunley Elisa Krackow (grad student)
Alisa A. O'Riley2010 Amy Fiske (grad student)
Amy Odum David Schaal (grad student)
Christopher K Owen Psychology2018 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
B. Kent Parker
Julie Hicks Patric M. Christopher Newland (grad student)
Sacha T. PenceApplied behavior analysis2012 Claire C. St. Peter (grad student)
Michael PeroneBehavior Analysis
Kirsten Gloria PizzaStudent
Alan PolingBehavioral Pharmacology Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Elizabeth C. Price Psychology2012 Amy Fiske (grad student)
Joanna T. ProutSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers Arts & Sciences2014 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Aline E. Rabalais2003 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Cameron L. RandallHealth Psychology, Behavioral Dentistry, Anxiety, Pain20102015 Daniel McNeil (grad student)
Miranda N. ReedBehavioral Neuroscience James W. Simpkins (research scientist)
Josephine Ridley1997 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Jarod C. Roberts Psychology Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Alicia Roca Kennon Andy Lattal (post-doc)
Cheryl A. Rode1997 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Kristine E. Rork2007 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Kenneth J. Ruggiero2001 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Joseph Robert ScottiClinical Psychology, Traumatic Stress
Sherry L. SerdikoffBehavior Analysis, Behavioral Pharmacology, Experimental Psychology19861991 B. Kent Parker (grad student)
Timothy ShahanBehavior Analysis Kennon Andy Lattal (grad student)
Natalie J. Shook
Andrea K. Shreve-Neiger2004 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Merideth Smith Psychology2013 Amy Fiske (grad student)
Adam P. Spiraaging, sleep, depression, anxiety, cognition, Alzheimer's disease, functional decline2004 Michael Perone (grad student), Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Claire C. St. PeterApplied behavior analysis
Elizabeth E. Stacom2012 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Sarah B. StevensSocial Anxiety, Social Behavior, Parents and Peers2008 Tracy L. Morris (grad student)
Jocelyn Stokes Arts & Sciences2014 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Sarah A. Stoner2010 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
JoNell Strough
William E Sullivan Psychology Claire C. St. Peter (research assistant)
Ashley B. Tempel Psychology2012 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
John A. Terrizzi, Jr.Evolutionary Psychology; Social Psychology Psychology2013 Larry Ventis (grad student), Lee A. Kirkpatrick (grad student), Natalie J. Shook (grad student)
Pamela Tessierchild eyewitness testimony; memory2011 Elisa Krackow (grad student)
Allison S. Tetreault Psychology2012 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Jennifer D. Tiano2007 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Forrest ToegelExperimental Analysis of Behavior, Applied Behavior Analysis Michael Perone (grad student)
Constance Toffle Raymaond Shaw (grad student)
Ria Travers Elisa Krackow (grad student)
Kimberly Ujcich-Ward19911996 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Maggie E. Vanhoose
Glenda L. Vittimberga19901994 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Kevin Erik VowlesChronic Pain, Behavioral Medicine, Behavior Therapy2004 Daniel McNeil (grad student)
Tammy R. Wade2004 Michael Perone (grad student)
Stephanie M. Wagner2011 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Lisa M. Ware2006 Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (grad student)
Karen L. Weigle1999 Joseph Robert Scotti (grad student)
Cory Ann WhirtleyExperimental Analysis of Behavior, Applied Behavior Analysis Psychology2016 Michael Perone (grad student)
Rebecca K. Widoe2009 Amy Fiske (grad student)
Erin L. Woodhead2009 Barry A. Edelstein (grad student)
Tracy E. Zinn Phillip N. Chase (research assistant)