Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Robert B AllenExperimental Psychology, HCI, Digital Libraries, Semantics
Cathy J. BoltonClinical Psychology, Public and Social Welfare2005 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Laura BrennanCognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Biology Psychology (College of Arts and Sciences)2013 Maria T. Schultheis (grad student)
LeeAnn CardaciottoClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2005 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Kircia M. CastenClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Speech Communication2004 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Suzie S. Chen2005 Arthur M. Nezu (grad student)
Mary E. Clair2006 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
Travis A. Cos2008 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
Kia B. CrittendenClinical Psychology, Mental Health, Educational Psychology Education2004 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Kristy L. DalrympleClinical Psychology2005 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Maria Di Francisco2006 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
Erica L. EnglandClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2010 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Jill Friedman2009 Arthur M. Nezu (grad student)
Elizabeth Gale-BentzJuvenile Justice2013 Naomi Goldstein (grad student)
Brandon A. GaudianoClinical Psychology, Mental Health2004 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Candace P. Girdwood2007 Arthur M. Nezu (grad student)
William D. Good2003 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
Angela A. GormanClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Hispanic American Studies2006 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Robyn S. Greenberg SaluckClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2006 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Alexandra P. Greenfield
Kyle Haggerty Psychology2012 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
James D. Herbert
Solam T. Huey2007 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
Joanna L. Kayeanxiety disorders, acceptance-based therapies, exposure therapy, values, dissemination and implementation Department of Psychology20142019 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Amy J. Keefer2003 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
Tamara L. Klein2004 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
Elin L. LantzClinical Psychology, eating disorders Psychology Michael R. Lowe (grad student)
Anna D. Lawler2003 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
Minsun Lee2012 Arthur M. Nezu (grad student)
Steven C. LeiserElectrophysiology1999 John K. Chapin (research assistant)
Michael R. Lowe
Laurie B. MazzucaClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, General2004 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Joshua D. McKeeverCognitive Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology Psychology2014 Maria T. Schultheis (grad student)
Alicia F. Mirra2012 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
Chelsea L. MorseIndustrial Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Cognitive Psychology, Industrial and Labor Relations Psychology2014 Maria T. Schultheis (grad student)
Heather W. Murray2007 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Valerie H. Myers2003 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Christine Maguth Nezu
Arthur M. Nezu
Elizabeth Mintzer Nolan2005 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Andrew D. Palmatier2008 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
Meagan C. ParmleyClinical Psychology2006 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Michelle A. Peacock2005 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
Mina Ratkalkarforensic psychology Psychology Naomi Goldstein (research scientist)
Scott P. Robertsonhuman-computer interaction, cognitive science
Emily C. RosemanClinical Psychology2010 Maria T. Schultheis (grad student)
Megan Russell2006 Arthur M. Nezu (grad student)
Maria T. Schultheis
Ian R. Sharp2003 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Chris R. Sims
Emily C. StaskoHealth Psychology, Women's Health
Jeffrey G. Stoll2005 Christine Maguth Nezu (grad student)
Tatiana Vasilevskaia2011 Arthur M. Nezu (grad student)
Kayci L. VickersExecutive dysfunction, adherence, rehabilitation after brain injury
Suraji Wagagejuvenile justice Clinical Psychology Naomi Goldstein (grad student)
Valerie D. WeisserClinical Psychology2011 Maria T. Schultheis (grad student)
Victoria M. Wilkins2005 Arthur M. Nezu (grad student)
Sarah B. WoldoffPsychometrics Psychology2004 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Melissa S. Xanthopoulos2006 Arthur M. Nezu (grad student)
Erica K. YuenClinical Psychology2011 James D. Herbert (grad student)
Weizhong ZhuComputer Science2009 Robert B Allen (grad student)
Eric A. ZillmerNeuropsychology
Marni L. Zwick2004 Arthur M. Nezu (grad student)