University of South Carolina

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
April Ace2004 Keith Davis (grad student)
Colt A. Coffman Department of Exercise Science20182021 Robert Davis Moore (research assistant)
Keith Davis
Jim FadelNeuropsychopharmacology
Kate FloryADHD, child psychopathology
Steven B. HarrodLearning and Memory Rose M. Booze (collaborator)
Charles Mactutuslearning, psychopharmacology
Alberto Maydeu-Olivares
Landhing M. Moran Experimental Psychology2013 Rose M. Booze (post-doc), Charles Mactutus (grad student)
Melanie PalomaresVisual perception,normal and abnormal development, VEPs, psychophysics
Anna Smith Pruittperson-environment fit, health-related quality of life, CBPR Women's and Gender Studies, Psychology Women's and Gender Studies, Nursing20122014 Lynn Weber (research assistant), DeAnne K. Hilfinger Messias (research assistant)
Colleen B. Reardon2003 Keith Davis (grad student)
Dexin ShiQuantitative Psychology Psychology20162018 Alberto Maydeu-Olivares (post-doc)
David V. Smithdecision neuroscience, valuation, individual differences20052006 Chris Rorden (research assistant), Gordon C. Baylis (research assistant)
Lynn Weber