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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Lawrence M. Baker (Info) Purdue muddynat 2023‑11‑21
Kim Bartholomew (Info) Attachment theory klevy 2023‑11‑27
Robert Wayne Bell (Info) Purdue muddynat 2023‑11‑21
Ryan Beveridge (Info) University of Utah, University of Utah, University of Delaware klevy 2023‑11‑12
David Drozek (Info) Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine KatrinaH 2023‑11‑09
Megan Herlihy (Info) Suffolk University Vestibular medicie, pain, neuropsychology, deaf and hard of hearing katieuwm 2023‑11‑28
Sarah Nicole Horne (Info) Washington University Memory, False Memory, Eyewitness Identificaiton SarahHorne 2023‑12‑01
Allyn Ley (Info) Memorial Sloan-Kettering klevy 2023‑12‑06
Anna Maria MacLaren (Info) University of Prince Edward Island AnnaMacLaren 2023‑12‑06
Katherine L McNeely-White (Info) Colorado State, UC Davis Cognitive Psychology, Recognition Memory, Metacognition, Cognitive Neuroscience KMcNeelyWhite 2023‑11‑27
Anthony N Nist (Info) Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute behavioral psychology tnnist 2023‑11‑28
Elaine Scharfe (Info) klevy 2023‑11‑27
Felicisima (Ping) Serafica (Info) klevy 2023‑11‑18
Kimberly T Sibille (Info) University of Florida KatrinaH 2023‑11‑09
Charles Wenar (Info) Swarthmore, State University of Iowa, Institute for Juvenile Research, Michael Reese Hospital, Illinois Neuropsychiatric Institute, Penn, Ohio State klevy 2023‑11‑18
Martin Marshall White (Info) University of Kentucky muddynat 2023‑11‑21
Carson Steven Yahrmarkt (Info) West Virginia University Behavior Analysis, Experimental Psychology csyahrmarkt 2023‑11‑15
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