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Daniel H. Baker (Info) University of York, UK Binocular vision, spatial vision lpyudhb 2007‑04‑13
David Roy Davies (Info) Aston University (UK) CSush 2017‑02‑04
Roy Davies (Info) Aston University vigilance, aging, psychology of work parasuraman 2009‑08‑15
Mark A. Georgeson (Info) Aston University Psychophysics, Spatial Vision, Motion, Binocular Vision lpyudhb 2007‑04‑13
Klaus Kessler (Info) Aston University Cognitive Neuroscience smiellet 2015‑03‑08
Tim S. Meese (Info) Aston University Psychophysics, Spatial vision, Binocular vision lpyudhb 2007‑04‑13
Raja Parasuraman (Info) George Mason cognitive neuroscience,attention,human factors,neuroergonomics parasuraman 2009‑08‑15
Cristina Romani (Info) Aston University Neuropsychology, Language noamsagiv 2007‑04‑09
Andrew Schofield (Info) University of Birmingham visual perceptio nono 2013‑09‑24
Robert A. Seymour (Info) Aston University johanna 2019‑08‑02
Joel B. Talcott (Info) Aston University Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, development, dyslexia, vision, auditory talcott 2014‑11‑13
Nathan Taylor (Info) Aston University johanna 2019‑08‑02
Rolf van Dick (Info) University of Marburg, Aston University, University of Frankfurt treeadder 2018‑09‑02
Peter Wenderoth (Info) Macquarie University Visual system Verstraten 2006‑04‑03
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