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Maureen Allwood (Info) Michigan State, University of Missouri - Columbia, VA Boston, Brown, John Jay College of Criminal Justice - City University of New York klevy 2024‑03‑25
Britt Anderson (Info) University of Waterloo Attention, Intelligence brittanderson 2010‑03‑02
David H. Barlow (Info) Boston University Anxiety disorders, sexual dysfunction mantony 2011‑11‑13
Linda M. Bartoshuk (Info) UF Gainesville Taste Psychophysics JLand52 2006‑05‑01
Cynthia L. Battle (Info) U Mass Amherst pq 2015‑11‑29
Emorie D. Beck (Info) Washington University Personality Psychology, Social Psychology edbeck 2016‑08‑24
Marlene Behrmann (Info) Carnegie Mellon Neuropsychology of vision Jonathan 2006‑04‑02
Deon T. Benton (Info) Brown, Carnegie Mellon causal thinking in infants, children, & adults, computational modelling, behavior, cognition, development aemartin 2020‑06‑10
Richard Nash Berry (Info) Brown Vtsual psychophysics jkr 2008‑05‑23
Donald S. Blough (Info) Brown Experimental psychology DBlough 2008‑06‑25
Lee R. Brooks (Info) McMaster University Concept Learning reeder 2011‑09‑10
Heinrich H. Buelthoff (Info) MPI for Biological Cybernetics Psychophysics, Cognition, Computer Vision, Robotics hayden 2005‑02‑18
Martha W. Burton (Info) Brown, Penn State, University of Maryland klevy 2020‑08‑04
Matthew S. Cain (Info) U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center Attention, Perception, Visual Search, Learning mcain 2006‑07‑15
William S. Cain (Info) UCSD Olfaction JLand52 2005‑10‑21
Leonard Carmichael (Info) Rochester Neuroethology, child psychology hayden 2005‑01‑17
Brian C. Castelluccio (Info) Brown Brian.castelluccio 2019‑03‑29
Russell M. Church (Info) Brown Animal behavior 2006‑10‑02
Charles N. Cofer (Info) Southeast Missouri State University, University of Iowa, Brown klevy 2022‑04‑23
Tom N. Cornsweet (Info) UC Irvine hanks 2005‑10‑13
Thomas Arno Decker (Info) Brown Vtsual psychophysics jkr 2008‑05‑23
Cydney Dupree (Info) Brown, Princeton, Yale bfm64 2018‑01‑23
William D. Ellison (Info) Trinity University personality, personality disorders, self, narcissism klevy 2012‑04‑22
Trygg Engen (Info) Brown olfaction jhayes 2006‑08‑01
Philip M. Fernbach (Info) Brown Decision Making pq 2015‑11‑12
Chaz Firestone (Info) Johns Hopkins Perception chazfirestone 2010‑03‑15
Douglas Gazarian (Info) Clark University 58954 2016‑10‑25
Clarence Graham (Info) Columbia psychology greghorwitz 2005‑10‑04
Allen M. Granda (Info) University of Delaware Vision Psychophysics syazulla 2007‑01‑15
June Gruber (Info) Yale, CU Boulder Positive Emotions and Psychopathology sdutra 2010‑11‑02
Steve Guglielmo (Info) Macalester College social psychology, moral psychology, social cognition editor64 2014‑04‑28
Kelley E. Gunther (Info) Penn State kgunther 2020‑03‑02
Bruce P. Halpern (Info) Cornell retronasal olfaction jhayes 2007‑06‑08
Colin J Harrington (Info) Brown s2amp 2022‑06‑04
John E. Hayes (Info) Penn State chemosensation, psychophysics, behavioral genetics jhayes 2006‑08‑01
Steven C. Hayes (Info) University of Nevada- Reno ACT, RFT, CBS, CBT, Evolutionary Science angela17 2010‑02‑23
Patrick Ryan Heck (Info) Geisinger Health System Social psychology, self-enhancement, overconfidence, volunteering pheck1000 2018‑07‑10
Benjamin David Hill (Info) University of South Alabama Neuropsychology, Working Memory, TBI bdhill 2010‑01‑31
Donald Charles Hood (Info) Columbia Visual psychophysics, physiology jkr 2008‑05‑23
Joseph McVicker Hunt (Info) Brown, UIUC david 2011‑04‑10
Michelle L. Imber (Info) MGH/Spaulding/Harvard Medical School Visual perception, Neuropsychology mli 2008‑06‑23
David E. Johnson (Info) John Brown University Social Psychology socpsy 2013‑10‑16
Ernest Parker Johnson (Info) Colby College visual psychophysics, physiology jkr 2008‑05‑23
Dan Kersten (Info) UMN Visual psychophysics david 2005‑02‑01
Boyoung Kim (Info) Brown, Air Force Academy, George Mason editor64 2021‑03‑30
Joanna Korman (Info) Naval Research Laboratory bfm64 2018‑01‑23
Liz Kyonka (Info) West Virginia University animal learning kyonka 2010‑08‑18
David M. Landsberger (Info) House Ear Institute cochlear implants, psychophysics, vision monitachatterjee 2008‑11‑18
Harry T. Lawless (Info) Cornell taste, psychophysics jhayes 2006‑08‑01
Eleanor H. L. Leung-Hollins (Info) Brown Vtsual psychophysics jkr 2008‑05‑23
Li Li (Info) The University of Hong Kong optic flow, motor control dcnieho 2011‑07‑18
Jason Lillis (Info) Brown Stevenchayes 2017‑05‑25
Lewis Lipsitt (Info) Brown Infant development, SIDS, Experimental Child Psychology dlmolfese 2008‑04‑16
Zili Liu (Info) UCLA Visual Psychophysics rokers 2005‑11‑17
Douglas Long (Info) Brown University Butler Hospital Stevenchayes 2019‑02‑08
Bertram F. Malle (Info) Brown Social cognition, moral psychology, social robotics editor64 2014‑03‑09
Paul Malloy (Info) Brown University Butler Hospital Brian.castelluccio 2019‑03‑29
Julie Markant (Info) UMN, Brown, Tulane selective attention, learning, infancy and early childhood pq 2015‑12‑03
Jacob Martin (Info) Penn State klevy 2018‑04‑10
Theresa McKim (Info) UNC Chapel Hill cab 2012‑01‑06
Nicole McLaughlin (Info) Brown University Butler Hospital Brian.castelluccio 2019‑03‑29
Andrew E. Monroe (Info) Appalachian State University Social psychology, free will, moral judgment, social norms editor64 2014‑04‑28
Weimin Mou (Info) University of Alberta Spatial cognition fanzuiyu 2008‑10‑14
Emily B. Myers (Info) University of Connecticut and Haskins Laboratories cljohns 2013‑02‑28
Gerald Pascal (Info) Brown kinsey 2012‑04‑26
David Robert Peeples (Info) Brown vtsual psychophysics jkr 2008‑05‑24
Jessica R. Peters (Info) University of Kentucky Mindfulness, Borderline Personality Disorder, Substance Abuse, Rumination jrpeters 2012‑06‑15
Carl Pfaffmann (Info) Brown, Rockefeller taste electrophysiology jhayes 2006‑08‑01
Elizabeth K Phillips (Info) George Mason University, Fairfax VA Human Factors, Human-Robot Interaction ekphillips 2021‑02‑19
Arthur S. Reber (Info) UBC ajsimpson91 2015‑06‑23
Henry Charles Rickard (Info) University of Alabama kinsey 2012‑04‑26
Giulia Righi (Info) Harvard Ventral Cortex, Object and Face Recognition michaeltarr 2009‑10‑30
Santo Salvatore (Info) Brown vtsual psychophysics jkr 2008‑05‑24
Adam N. Sanborn (Info) University of Warwick Psychology Sanborn 2008‑05‑20
Takao Sato (Info) University of Tokyo Visual Psychophysics izumi 2005‑10‑20
Harold Schlosberg (Info) Brown hayden 2005‑01‑17
Casey A. Schofield (Info) Skidmore College klevy 2016‑11‑15
Margaret E. Sereno (Info) Universtiy of Oregon visual system alexbies 2013‑12‑28
Tracie Shea (Info) Newtown College, NIMH, Brown, Catholic University klevy 2023‑04‑24
Charles P. Shimp (Info) University of Utah joewh8 2013‑04‑28
John Barton Siegfried (Info) Pennsylvania College of Optometry Visual psychophysics, physiology; visual evoked potentials jkr 2008‑05‑24
Steven Sloman (Info) Brown Decision Making DanielLevitin 2012‑06‑03
K.U. Smith (Info) UW Madison holdenrj 2013‑03‑23
William E. Smollon, Jr. (Info) Brown Visual Psychophysics smollon 2008‑06‑22
Peter Jeffrey Snyder (Info) Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, The University of Rhode Island Neuropsychology, Neuropharmacology, Alzheimer's Disease, History of Neuroscience, Bioethics, Neurophysiology PJSnyder 2007‑10‑15
Richard Lester Solomon (Info) Penn Psychology hayden 2005‑01‑17
Robert Swift (Info) Brown neuropsychopharmacology, alcohol and drug dependence jhayes 2007‑08‑31
James P. Thomas (Info) UCLA visual psychophysics jpthomas 2006‑10‑05
Daniel J. Tobiansky (Info) UT Austin, UBC, Brown, St. Mary's College of Maryland medial preoptic area, drugs of addiction, sexual behavior, neurosteroid, steroidogenesis dtobians 2009‑02‑10
Amos Tversky (Info) Stanford Decision-making hayden 2005‑12‑20
Ana E. Van Gulick (Info) Vanderbilt Visual Perception, Cognitive Neuroscience anavangulick 2009‑10‑21
William S. Verplanck (Info) Indiana University Bloomington kackroff 2012‑06‑21
Emily Caroline Walsh (Info) UNC Chapel Hill clinical psychology emilycwalsh 2018‑08‑21
Tony Wang (Info) Brown Associative Learning, Perceptual Learning, Categorization, Computational Modelling tonywang 2015‑03‑05
Leslie Welch (Info) Brown Visual System, Psychophysics mli 2008‑06‑23
Tara White (Info) Brown human psychopharmacology hdewit 2008‑01‑30
Debbie M. Yee (Info) Brown Cognitive Control, Decision-Making debyee 2013‑09‑11
Shirley Yen (Info) Chicago, Duke, Duke, Mass Mental Health Center, Brown, Brown, Harvard Medical School klevy 2023‑04‑24
Jeffrey C. Zemla (Info) Brown HCI, computational modeling, understanding, decision-making jeffzemla 2015‑03‑21
Xuan Zhao (Info) Brown, Chicago bfm64 2018‑01‑23
Mark Zimmerman (Info) Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University wellison 2015‑07‑21
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