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Pamela D. Butler (Info) The Nathan S. Kline Institute Experimental Psychopathology jasmine 2008‑04‑08
Randy Lyanne (previously Gellman) Gollub (Info) MGH Clinical translational neuropsychiatric imaging rgollub 2008‑12‑15
F. Joseph McClernon (Info) Duke Medical School lpacek 2015‑09‑14
Charles B. Nemeroff (Info) Emory Biological Psychiatry, Depression mowens 2008‑05‑07
Lauren R. Pacek (Info) Duke Medical School rasso 2015‑01‑06
Laura Qadri (Info) UAB, Duke Medical School david 2010‑04‑09
Maggie M. Sweitzer (Info) University of Pittsburgh pq 2015‑09‑29
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