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Joe Austen (Info) Durham University AnthonyMcGregor 2017‑03‑09
Geoff Cole (Info) University of Essex rteszka 2012‑10‑14
John M. Findlay (Info) Durham University Visual psychophysics, attention, eye-movements ariellap 2007‑01‑04
Adam Goody (Info) Lancaster University, Durham University Language development and disorders kjalcock 2012‑07‑14
Ian P. Howard (Info) York University Spatial vision, stereoscopic vision & eye movements kmat 2007‑07‑07
Gustav Kuhn (Info) Goldsmiths University attention, magic, gaze cueing rteszka 2012‑10‑14
Anthony McGregor (Info) Durham University MarkHaselgrove 2010‑07‑29
A David Milner (Info) Durham University neuropsychology, visual system adm 2007‑04‑19
Tanja CW Nijboer (Info) Utrecht Neuropsychology, Perception, Vision, Synesthesia, Neglect, Agnosia vdsmagt 2008‑11‑09
John M. Pearce (Info) Cardiff University Animal learning and cognition pearcejm 2010‑07‑28
Thomas Schenk (Info) Durham University Neuropsychology, Perception & Action dandydan 2010‑02‑11
Susanne Schuett (Info) Durham University Eye-movements, hemianopia bobk 2010‑08‑04
Fredrick Smith (Info) Durham University r_oshea 2013‑06‑06
Josef Zihl (Info) Ludwig Maximilian University Munich Neuropsychology Bao 2008‑03‑28
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