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Donald Baer (Info) University of Kansas Behavior Analysis bepharmer 2010‑06‑08
Lorraine E. Bahrick (Info) Florida International Cognitive and social development lmorett 2010‑03‑03
Maria Bazo Perez (Info) Florida International Psychology, Eating Disorders mariabazo 2023‑01‑10
James E. Carr (Info) University of Nevada, Reno, Western Michigan University, Auburn University, Behavior Analyst Certification Board Behavior Analysis bepharmer 2010‑06‑12
Kaityn Contino (Info) Florida International Language Development, Motor Skills, Motor - Language Cascades, infancy Kaityn100 2023‑01‑10
Stefany J. Coxe (Info) Florida International quantitative methods stefany 2013‑11‑13
Carlos Desme (Info) Florida International smpruden 2021‑10‑14
Jason J. Dickinson (Info) Florida International Cognitive Psychology pq 2019‑01‑23
Asia A. Eaton (Info) Chicago Attitudes, Attitude strength, Persuasion pq 2015‑10‑06
Barbara Etzel (Info) dpj 2011‑04‑18
Jacqueline Evans (Info) Florida International Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology pq 2019‑01‑23
Ronald Fisher (Info) Florida International 13KelHe 2018‑02‑25
Nelcida Garcia (Info) Florida International smpruden 2021‑10‑14
Jacob Gerwitz (Info) Florida International Developmental Behavior Analysis bepharmer 2010‑06‑09
Lakshmi J. Gogate (Info) Florida Gulf Coast University Child language acquisition lmorett 2010‑03‑01
Sandy L. Gonzalez (Info) Florida International, NYU Motor Development, Handedness, Language Development, Bilingualism, Infant Development sgonz1029 2013‑10‑22
Edie Greene (Info) University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Psychology and law 2023‑11‑04
LaTreese Hall (Info) Florida International smpruden 2021‑10‑14
Kelsey Lynne Hess (Info) Florida International Legal Psychology, Cognitive Psychology 13KelHe 2018‑02‑25
Atefeh Karimi (Info) Florida International University (FIU) Motor Development Atefeh1997 2023‑01‑10
Robert Lickliter (Info) Florida International Development of intersensory perception beckygmarkham 2009‑11‑11
Alina Nazareth (Info) Florida International, Temple University spruden 2012‑03‑05
Valerie Perez (Info) Florida International Social Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Speech Communication pq 2019‑01‑23
Shannon M. Pruden (Info) Florida International Developmental Science smpruden 2014‑03‑10
Yvonne Ralph (Info) Florida International smpruden 2021‑10‑14
Karinna Rodriguez (Info) Florida International smpruden 2021‑10‑14
Kenneth W. Spence (Info) Iowa University Learning Theory Allan Wagner 2007‑10‑12
Shwetha Srikanth (Info) Florida International spruden 2012‑03‑05
Erica Verde (Info) UC Davis statistical learning, bilingualism, psycholinguistics everde 2017‑03‑27
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