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Melissa R. Beck (Info) LSU Vision, Attention, Memory, Eye Movements Justin723 2009‑09‑02
Irwin A. Berg (Info) klevy 2020‑05‑11
Brian H. Bornstein (Info) University of Nebraska - Lincoln Social Psychology, General pq 2016‑03‑12
Alicia Briganti (Info) Dalton State College abriganti 2019‑04‑20
Alex S. Cohen (Info) Louisiana State kelsmart 2016‑09‑12
Nancy M. Docherty (Info) Kent State Schizophrenia canopy 2010‑04‑14
Christina L. Duncan (Info) West Virginia University kinsey 2012‑04‑19
Wm. Drew Gouvier (Info) Louisiana State Neuropsychology, Malingering bdhill 2010‑01‑31
Benjamin David Hill (Info) University of South Alabama Neuropsychology, Working Memory, TBI bdhill 2010‑01‑31
Mary Lou Kelly (Info) Louisiana State kinsey 2012‑04‑19
Dorothea C. Lerman (Info) University of Houston-Clear Lake Behavior Analysis vancampc 2010‑06‑10
Andrew Loignon (Info) Louisiana State djwoehr 2020‑01‑09
Charles D. Noblin (Info) University of Southern Mississippi Clinical Psychology, Gerontology pq 2016‑05‑19
James Patterson (Info) LSU Health Sciences Center Psychiatry, PET, fMRI Bandettini 2006‑03‑22
Charles Curtis Alan Sandman (Info) UC Irvine Neuroendocrinology, stress whetrick 2007‑08‑16
Jerry R. Thomas (Info) University of North Texas, Florida State, Louisiana State, Arizona State, Iowa State matt.pontifex 2021‑02‑22
Carole M. Van Camp (Info) UNC Wilmington Behavior Analysis vancampc 2010‑06‑10
David J. Woehr (Info) Texas A & M, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, UNC Charlotte Industrial/Organizational djwoehr 2010‑06‑10
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