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Deborah L. Abber (Info) Michigan State pq 2015‑10‑05
Melissa J. Allman (Info) Michigan State time 2013‑08‑31
Karl G. D. Bailey (Info) Andrews University Cognitive kgbailey 2010‑10‑19
Mark S. Blumberg (Info) University of Iowa Developmental behavioral neuroscience; developmental neurophysiology; sleep; sensorimotor integration amarcano 2008‑01‑15
Kathryn L. Bock (Info) UIUC Speech production, sentence comprehension Marjolein Korvorst 2006‑02‑06
Galen Bodenhausen (Info) Northwestern stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, mental representations, social cognition ajsimpson91 2014‑12‑01
G. Anne Bogat (Info) Michigan State crbeasley 2013‑12‑20
Jan Brascamp (Info) Michigan State Visual system, psychophysics, TMS, fMRI, computational modeling, eye tracking janbrascamp 2007‑10‑08
Robert S. Bundy (Info) SUNY Buffalo Auditory development johncolombo 2013‑03‑08
Bruce D. Burns (Info) University of Sydney psychology, higher-order cognition bdb 2006‑10‑03
Alexandra Burt (Info) Michigan State klevy 2019‑03‑31
Sharon Lee Carnahan (Info) Rollins College psychology, early intervention, religion SCARNAHAN 2015‑12‑11
James E. Carr (Info) Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Auburn University, Western Michigan University, University of Nevada, Reno Behavior Analysis bepharmer 2010‑06‑12
Colt A. Coffman (Info) Michigan State matt.pontifex 2021‑02‑17
Lauren A Collier (Info) Michigan State Diversity, Morality, Psychometrics, Scale Assessment and Development Collla 2017‑05‑22
Kendra I Combs (Info) Western Michigan University Behavior analysis K3combs 2017‑11‑09
W. Hobart Davies (Info) UWM 2018‑05‑11
James Henry Davis (Info) University of Illinois Groups StevenAMiller 2011‑07‑14
Erika S. DeJonghe (Info) Michigan State pq 2015‑10‑05
M. Brent Donnellan (Info) Michigan State rwrobins 2017‑12‑19
Don A. Duggan-Haas (Info) Michigan State Sciences Education, Secondary Education, Teacher Training Education, Higher Education pq 2019‑01‑19
Catherine E. Durbin (Info) SUNY Stony Brook pq 2015‑11‑14
Kathleen M. Eberhard (Info) Notre Dame Cognitive Psychology, General Language pq 2016‑05‑15
Guy Edlis (Info) Michigan State University, University of Tennessee klevy 2016‑10‑22
Fernanda Ferreira (Info) UC Davis Psycholinguistics, language production Manes 2008‑11‑23
Andrea Francis (Info) Colorado State, Michigan State, Albion College baclegg 2019‑09‑04
James John Gallagher (Info) Michigan State, UIUC, UNC Chapel Hill special education, gifted and talented education jandh 2018‑05‑09
Hope K. Gerde (Info) Michigan State SCARNAHAN 2015‑12‑11
Darwin A. Guevarra (Info) University of Michigan Social Psychology guevarra 2015‑05‑14
Kathrine Guyon-Harris (Info) Eastern Michigan State University klevy 2019‑06‑15
Yovita N. Gwekwerere (Info) Michigan State Sciences Education, Higher Education, Teacher Training Education pq 2019‑01‑19
David Z. Hambrick (Info) Michigan State Cognitive Psychology neurotreejimmyd 2008‑09‑12
Leonard Handler (Info) Michigan State University, University of Tennessee Personality assessment, psychodynamic psychotherapy, marital therapy, play therapy, neuropsychology, hypnosis guest 2014‑11‑25
Lauren Julius Harris (Info) Michigan State early childhood CNS development, lateralization, hemispheric asymmetries, History of Neuroscience & Psychology PJSnyder 2007‑10‑15
Christopher C. Heffner (Info) University of Connecticut, University of Maryland, University of Buffalo, Michigan State speech perception, categorization, psycholinguistics heffner 2017‑04‑04
John M. Henderson (Info) UC Davis cognitive psychology, visual cognition pn 2010‑02‑08
Christopher J. Hopwood (Info) Michigan State Personality and Clinical Psychology chopwood 2009‑03‑18
Parker L. Huston (Info) Michigan State pq 2015‑10‑05
Alissa Huth-Bocks (Info) Michigan State jriggs8 2014‑02‑06
Elizabeth Callicott Jagoe (Info) Michigan State Developmental psychopathology; reward sensitivity; non suicidal self-injury cjagoe 2017‑11‑15
Letina N. Jeranyama (Info) Michigan State Sciences Education, Tests and Measurements Education pq 2019‑01‑19
Shallimar M. Jones (Info) Michigan State pq 2015‑10‑05
Caroline Kim (Info) Michigan State colin.tredoux 2019‑04‑30
Peter D Kvam (Info) University of Florida cognitive modeling, decision making, mathematical psychology peterkvam 2020‑06‑26
Mallorie Leinenger (Info) Denison University Eye movements, Reading, Language, Cognition mleinenger 2017‑10‑04
Taosheng Liu (Info) Michigan State frakkopesto 2011‑04‑02
George Maddox (Info) Michigan State, Duke Division20 2016‑05‑31
Cecilia Martinez-Torteya (Info) Michigan State pq 2015‑10‑05
Kimberly K. McAdams (Info) Michigan State Personality Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, General Religion pq 2018‑01‑22
Amanda L. McGowan (Info) Penn matt.pontifex 2017‑09‑04
Caio F. Miguel (Info) Cal State, Sacramento Behavior Analysis pq 2015‑10‑06
Diana Morrobel (Info) Michigan State pq 2015‑10‑05
Jason S. Moser (Info) Michigan State Anxiety, cognition, neurophysiology, ERP, attention, cognitive control, error monitoring, intervention, emotion, emotion regulation rsimons 2010‑09‑02
Todd D. Nelson (Info) California State University - Stanislaus Stereotypes, Prejudice, Discrimination, Ageism counterfactual 2017‑12‑11
Bernice Neugarten (Info) Chicago, Northwestern Psychology of Aging dashish 2015‑05‑01
Elena Patsenko (Info) Michigan State dws 2010‑03‑23
Matthew B. Pontifex (Info) Michigan State Neurocognition, cognition, executive control, fitness, physical activity, health behaviors, attention, action monitoring MattPontifex 2008‑09‑02
Marieva Puig Ramirez (Info) Michigan State pq 2015‑10‑05
Joseph Reyher (Info) Michigan State klevy 2017‑04‑23
Nora J. Rifon (Info) Michigan State Consumer Psychology njrifon 2008‑04‑03
Kalynn M. Schulz (Info) University of Colorado, Denver, University of Tennessee - Knoxville Organizational effects of gonadal hormones during puberty ksalas 2009‑08‑25
Lance Shotland (Info) Michigan State klevy 2020‑02‑08
Dorela Doris Shuboni-Mulligan (Info) Michigan State, Michigan State, NIH Brain Cancer, Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, Molecular Imaging shubonid 2010‑08‑09
J. D. Smith (Info) Michigan State University, University of Tennessee klevy 2017‑04‑23
Joel Smtih (Info) Michigan State HILLTD1 2017‑02‑20
Peter Jeffrey Snyder (Info) The University of Rhode Island, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Neuropsychology, Neuropharmacology, Alzheimer's Disease, History of Neuroscience, Bioethics, Neurophysiology PJSnyder 2007‑10‑15
Adam W. Stivers (Info) Gonzaga University, University of Delaware Social Psychology, Personality, Behavioral Economics astivers 2016‑06‑21
Sally A. Theran (Info) Michigan State pq 2015‑10‑05
Colin Tredoux (Info) University of Cape Town (South Africa) sjross2 2019‑02‑25
Jyotsna Vaid (Info) Texas A & M Bilingualism - cognitive and neuropsychological aspects, Writing systems, Word recognition, Creativity, Cerebral laterality lmorett 2009‑02‑21
Claire D. Vallotton (Info) Michigan State Infant sign/symbolic gestures, Infant mental health Parent-child interaction and communication, Child effects on adult-child relationships, Early development of symbolic and social skills, Quantitative observational methods of research debhalasz 2015‑08‑28
Drew Westen (Info) Emory clinical, personality drewwesten 2011‑11‑30
Sondra R. Wilen (Info) Michigan State pq 2015‑10‑05
John Wright (Info) WSU bechthol 2009‑12‑11
Robert A. Zucker (Info) Michigan State david 2019‑01‑18
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