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Erica M. Barhorst-Cates (Info) Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute Spatial Cognition, Navigation, Individual Differences erica.barhorst.cates 2020‑01‑23
Gary Dell (Info) UIUC ckim25 2009‑02‑10
Scott H. Frey (Info) University of Oregon cogniitve neuroscience sesnorimotor systems neuroimaging affenhirn 2009‑11‑19
Chia-lin Lee (Info) UIUC Cognitive psychology, neurolinguistics clee26 2007‑06‑20
Nadine Martin (Info) Temple University word processing and short-term memory gmo 2010‑12‑17
Nazbanou Nozari (Info) UIUC pq 2015‑10‑16
Eleanor M. Saffran (Info) Temple University gmo 2010‑12‑17
Myrna F. Schwartz (Info) Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute Aphasia, Psycholinguistics barde 2007‑12‑18
Christine E. Watson (Info) Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cognitive neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience cewatson 2008‑07‑28
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