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Melissa J Beers (Info) Ohio State Social Psychology, Teaching of Psychology, Introduction to Psychology Mjbeers1 2020‑06‑23
James R. Casebolt (Info) Ohio University religion, social, pedagogy JamesCasebolt 2021‑08‑20
Patrick Drumm (Info) Ohio University Lancaster animal behavior, evolutionary psychology, biological psychology, language development, cognitive development, history of psychology pdrumm 2013‑03‑15
Andrew L. Geers (Info) Ohio University pq 2015‑11‑01
Katrina R. Hamilton (Info) Ohio University, UC Irvine KatrinaH 2020‑10‑19
Ian M. Handley (Info) Ohio University social cognition wlynch 2010‑10‑15
Rebecca J. Houston (Info) Research Institute. on Addictions, University at Buffalo-SUNY, Rochester Institute of Technology Psychophysiology, Impulsivity, Aggression, Addiction, Neuropsychology rjhouston 2006‑11‑21
G Daniel Lassiter (Info) UVA wlynch 2010‑10‑15
Tao Lin (Info) Ohio University taolin 2021‑04‑17
Danny R. Moates (Info) Ohio University ajsimpson91 2016‑12‑13
Patrick J. Munhall (Info) Ohio University pq 2015‑11‑01
Stephen M. Patterson (Info) Ohio University DSKRANTZ 2020‑12‑21
Kimberly Rios (Info) Ohio University Groups, Identity, Threat aelight 2014‑03‑12
Wendy A. Schwiegert (Info) Bradley University ajsimpson91 2016‑12‑13
J. Michael Snodgrass (Info) Ohio University, University of Michigan klevy 2022‑12‑14
Suzannah J. Stone (Info) Ohio University psychotherapy process, psychotherapy outcome, alliance, therapist effects suzannah 2021‑04‑15
Lezlee J. Ware (Info) Ohio University pq 2015‑11‑01
Peggy M. Zoccola (Info) UC Irvine pq 2015‑10‑05
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