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Nader Amir (Info) San Diego State University StevenAMiller 2012‑11‑02
Sulzer-Azarof Beth (Info) University of Massachusetts dpj 2011‑04‑09
David Braff (Info) UCSD psychophysiology mbuchsba 2007‑12‑25
Laurie Brenner (Info) Yale child development h31sqoh 2011‑10‑20
William S. Cain (Info) UCSD Olfaction JLand52 2005‑10‑21
Jeff Conte (Info) San Diego State University RanaT 2021‑11‑23
Thierry Devos (Info) San Diego State University dollychugh 2014‑07‑16
Mario F. Dulay (Info) The Methodist Neurological Institute neuropsychology, DTI, fMRI, rehabilitation, acquired brain injury mdulay@houstonmethodist.org 2007‑07‑24
Janel Kristin Fidler (Info) San Diego State University Health Psychology, Community Pschology janelfidler 2007‑02‑24
Jennifer Filson Moses (Info) UMN pq 2015‑09‑25
Dale Glaser (Info) San Diego State University RanaT 2021‑11‑23
Laura J. Hall (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick, Lesley College, U Mass Amherst, Deakin University, Université catholique de Louvain, San Diego State University Evidence-based practices for autism, secondary transition, early intervention Hippieprofjr 2015‑04‑21
Kate Hattrup (Info) San Diego State University RanaT 2021‑11‑23
William Allen Hillix (Info) San Diego State University History of psychology ahillix 2007‑02‑28
Nobuko Kemmotsu (Info) University of California Neuropsychology nohunohu 2010‑06‑24
Jennie M. Kuckertz (Info) San Diego State University/University of California, San Diego naderamir 2016‑10‑09
Roy G. Mayer (Info) San Diego State University, Indiana University, San Diego State University applied behavior analysis, special education, behavior management, positive behavior interventions Hippieprofjr 2015‑04‑21
Gail McGee (Info) Emory, Auburn University, U Mass Amherst Autism Hippieprofjr 2014‑09‑08
Tanya Nguyen (Info) SDSU UCSD JDP entropysounds 2013‑08‑15
Caroline F. Papreck (Info) San Diego State University, Illinois Wesleyan University Behaviorism, autism, behavior analysis, behavior modification Hippieprofjr 2014‑09‑07
Radmila Prislin (Info) San Diego State University jmoses 2016‑07‑05
Edward Riley (Info) San Diego State University entropysounds 2013‑08‑15
David P. Salmon (Info) UCSD Neuropsychology dsalmon 2007‑04‑30
Lewis P. Shapiro (Info) San Diego State University Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience lewshapiro 2010‑07‑19
Mark Shen (Info) UC Davis autism spectrum disorders, structural imaging h31sqoh 2011‑10‑20
Dinesh K. Shukla (Info) San Diego State University DTI, MRS, fMRI, autism h31sqoh 2011‑10‑20
Rana Tawfik (Info) RanaT 2021‑11‑23
Dustin B Thoman (Info) San Diego State University social psychology, motivation, interest development, social identity, educational psychology dthoman 2019‑09‑10
Katherine Turner (Info) San Diego State University cognitive development h31sqoh 2011‑10‑20
Jean M. Twenge (Info) San Diego State University EJMasicampo 2010‑12‑10
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