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Adina Abeles (Info) Stanford krosnick 2020‑02‑08
Gabrielle Adams (Info) London Business School gsadams 2016‑06‑22
Glenn E. Adams (Info) Stanford Social psychology, cultural psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
Lauren J. Aguilar (Info) Columbia pq 2015‑11‑21
Olu Ajilore (Info) University of Illinois, Chicago Biological psychiatry Robert Sapolsky 2006‑11‑02
Gordon W. Allport (Info) Harvard Personality and social psychology culham 2006‑04‑03
Susan Andersen (Info) NYU Transference, close relationships mwkraus 2011‑03‑13
Frank Angell (Info) Leipzig University, Stanford jacr 2018‑07‑10
Elliot Aronson (Info) UC Santa Cruz social psychology, group processes NLindner 2009‑06‑04
Richard C. Atkinson (Info) Stanford, UCSD cognitive science, educational psychology culham 2006‑04‑02
Dare Ann Baldwin (Info) University of Oregon language development, cognitive development, intentionality, action processing sabbagh4 2009‑04‑09
Albert Bandura (Info) Stanford oozgun 2008‑05‑24
Brent Bannon (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑11‑05
Roger G. Barker (Info) University of Kansas ajsimpson91 2016‑02‑04
Lawrence Barsalou (Info) Emory david 2005‑10‑18
Maria Elena Barth (Info) Stanford developmental psychology, cognitive neuroscience mbarth84 2015‑03‑21
Elizabeth H. Beam (Info) Stanford, Harvard, Duke Cognitive Neuroscience ebeam 2013‑09‑06
Daryl J. Bem (Info) Cornell Beliefs Attitudes and Ideologies, ESP, Personality Theory and Assessment, Self-Perception Theory, sbrady 2012‑06‑13
Peter M. Bentler (Info) Stanford Personality, drug abuse, psychometrics, structural equation modeling, factor analysis, reliability theory itpetersen 2010‑11‑13
Arthur L. Benton (Info) University of Iowa vision, visuoconstruction, tactile, aphasia, neuropsychology 2007‑08‑21
Robert G. Bernreuter (Info) College of the Pacific, Stanford, Penn State klevy 2020‑06‑22
Krishna L. Bharani (Info) MUSC, Stanford Human Aging rgm23 2011‑04‑08
Anjali K. Bhatara (Info) University of Paris Autism spectrum disorders, cognitive neuroscience, music cognition DanielLevitin 2009‑03‑21
Dorrit O. Billman (Info) Stanford Cognitive Psychology neurotreejimmyd 2008‑09‑11
Arnold M. Binder (Info) Indiana University, UC Irvine Durden 2020‑08‑05
Jeanne Block (Info) Stanford klevy 2018‑01‑05
Cara Bohon (Info) Stanford eating disorders, reward, emotion, obesity cbohon 2013‑05‑09
Gary Bonitatibus (Info) Stanford tgann 2021‑07‑09
Gordon H. Bower (Info) Stanford memory david 2005‑10‑18
Shannon T. Brady (Info) Stanford shannonbrady 2016‑06‑21
Bruno G. Breitmeyer (Info) University of Houston Visual system, visual masking, attention, schizophrenia ychen 2007‑09‑23
Kendall C. Bronk (Info) Stanford Guidance and Counseling Education, Educational Psychology Education pq 2016‑07‑23
Christopher Bryan (Info) UCSD Social psychology, psychological influence, the self, behavioral decision-making, psychology and policy, political psychology achabot 2014‑02‑05
Matthew Buckley (Info) MarkHaselgrove 2010‑12‑21
Donn Byrne (Info) SUNY Albany ajsimpson91 2015‑08‑12
Weidong Cai (Info) Stanford adamaron 2010‑10‑26
Robert Calfee (Info) UC Riverside educational psychology culham 2006‑04‑02
Maureen Callanan (Info) UC Santa Cruz Cognitive and conceptual development dsiegel 2008‑10‑24
Jessica S. Cameron (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑10‑05
Nicholas P. Camp (Info) University of Michigan yuyangzhong 2022‑01‑26
Nancy Cantor (Info) Syracuse erik404 2013‑01‑30
Rebecca Michelle Carey (Info) Stanford Culture, relationships, social class Rcarey 2014‑02‑15
J. Merrill Carlsmith (Info) Stanford ajsimpson91 2015‑06‑24
Clarence "Ray" Ray Carpenter (Info) Stanford Primates klevy 2012‑03‑25
Daniel Cervone (Info) University of Illinois, Chicago StevenAMiller 2011‑10‑13
Catherine Chen (Info) Stanford krosnick 2020‑02‑08
Sapna Cheryan (Info) Stanford, University of Washington pq 2015‑10‑05
Andrei Cimpian (Info) NYU, UIUC jbetlau 2019‑03‑27
Herbert H. Clark (Info) Stanford Psycholinguistics, pragmatics ita 2006‑10‑11
Geoffrey Cohen (Info) Stanford ajsimpson91 2015‑07‑12
Michael Conant (Info) Stanford gbower 2017‑03‑13
Alana L. Conner (Snibbe) (Info) Stanford Social psychology, cultural psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
Stanley Coren (Info) UBC Perception jenns 2009‑09‑12
Catharine Cox Miles (Info) Yale intelligence krubin 2010‑12‑16
Jennifer R. Crosby (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑10‑05
Alia Crum (Info) Stanford ajsimpson91 2015‑07‑12
Jared R. Curhan (Info) Stanford Social psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
Ioana M. Dalca (Info) Stanford psychology ioa 2009‑12‑07
William Damon (Info) Stanford xxelloss 2016‑07‑23
Sanford Dean (Info) Stanford comadan 2012‑03‑20
Brian Thomas Detweiler-Bedell (Info) Yale david 2015‑07‑12
Jerusha Beth Detweiler-Bedell (Info) Yale david 2015‑07‑12
Rogelio Díaz-Guerrero (Info) UNAM Hawk 2021‑08‑23
David Dunning (Info) Cornell social psychology merpy 2014‑03‑21
Carol S. Dweck (Info) UIUC, Columbia, Stanford Developmental Psychology cfmoore 2011‑01‑15
Ebbe B. Ebbesen (Info) UCSD ajsimpson91 2015‑07‑13
Jennifer Eberhardt (Info) Stanford ajsimpson91 2015‑07‑12
Lameese Eldesouky (Info) Stanford leldesouky 2014‑02‑05
Phoebe Ellsworth (Info) University of Michigan emotions, appraisal, stress, coping lesliekirby 2013‑10‑24
Tammy L. English (Info) Washington University leldesouky 2014‑02‑05
James R. Erickson (Info) Ohio State lrcdaw 2022‑04‑11
Judith E. Fan (Info) Princeton judithfan 2011‑05‑20
Faraz Farzin (Info) Stanford visual development faraz 2012‑01‑10
Caitlin M. Fausey (Info) University of Oregon Language and thought fausey 2008‑08‑29
Leon Festinger (Info) New School for Social Research kimmaclin 2008‑10‑20
David R. Fetherstonhaugh (Info) Stanford Social psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
Rachael E Flatt (Info) UNC Chapel Hill eating disorders, technology, athlete mental health rflatt 2018‑08‑21
John Flavell (Info) Stanford palmerit 2010‑07‑05
Jean E. Fox Tree (Info) UC Santa Cruz psycholinguistics foxtree 2006‑09‑27
Jonathan L. Freedman (Info) Stanford, Columbia, University of Toronto social psychology ajsimpson91 2016‑05‑11
David Marc Fresco (Info) University of Michigan affect science, mood and anxiety disorders, emotion, emotion regulation dmfresco 2010‑06‑05
Stephanie A. Fryberg (Info) Stanford, University of Washington Social psychology, cultural psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
David C. Funder (Info) UC Riverside erik404 2013‑02‑01
Stephanie A. Gagnon (Info) Stanford memory, decision-making steph10 2010‑10‑04
Philip Garland (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑11‑05
Ann Magaret Garner (Info) Radcliffe College, Stanford, Stanford, UW Madison, University of Illinois College of Medicine, University of Nebraska, University of Oregon Medical School Clinical child psychology; Developmental disabilities dashish 2015‑05‑01
Isabelle Gingras (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑11‑21
Neha J Goel (Info) VCU eating disorders; culturally-informed prevention and intervention; e-mental health; South Asian populations goelnj 2019‑01‑21
Ian H. Gotlib (Info) Stanford stokes 2010‑03‑24
Meghan Goyer (Info) Georgia State jemichel 2019‑03‑27
Michelle R. Greene (Info) Stanford Vision Science mrgreene 2007‑05‑18
James Gordon Greeno (Info) Stanford stull 2010‑01‑29
James Gross (Info) Stanford emotion, emotion regulation shabnamhakimi 2007‑09‑29
June Gruber (Info) Yale, CU Boulder Positive Emotions and Psychopathology sdutra 2010‑11‑02
Leo Gruenfeld (Info) Cornell ajsimpson91 2015‑06‑23
John Hagen (Info) University of Michigan jm1972 2018‑09‑03
Hyemin Han (Info) University of Alabama Developmental psychology, educational psychology, social neuroscience xxelloss 2016‑07‑23
Gabriella Harari (Info) Stanford s12345 2017‑11‑17
Tom E Hardwicke (Info) Stanford psychology, metascience jandh 2018‑05‑23
Harry F. Harlow (Info) UW Madison Primatology hayden 2005‑01‑17
Jennifer Henderlong (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑11‑21
Nicholas Herrera (Info) Stanford Social psychology nherrera 2010‑03‑01
Ray E. Hosford (Info) UC Santa Barbara nyyang 2020‑06‑13
Lauren Howe (Info) Stanford krosnick 2020‑02‑08
Mike Humphreys (Info) University of Queensland Human memory, memory model lapensee 2010‑10‑22
Kyonne-Joy Grant Isaac (Info) Stanford danacarney 2014‑07‑20
Derek Isaacowitz (Info) Northeastern University emotion, aging nhingo 2012‑03‑02
Douglas N. Jackson (Info) Western Ontario assessment, psychological testing itpetersen 2010‑11‑13
T. Florian Jaeger (Info) Rochester computational psycholinguistics alexfine 2009‑01‑21
Kimberly J. Jennings (Info) Stanford Behavioral Neuroendocrinology kjenn 2011‑05‑15
Alexander H. Jordan (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑10‑05
John T. Jost (Info) NYU political psychology, system justification theory NLindner 2009‑06‑04
Daniel Kahneman (Info) Hebrew University, UBC, UC Berkeley, Princeton decision making, behavioral economics mk9y 2006‑10‑01
Aaron C. Kay (Info) Stanford Social psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
Debra L Kaysen (Info) Stanford, University of Washington alcohol use disorders; posttraumatic stress disorder; PTSD; victimization; health disparities; global mental health; clinical trials; cognitive processing therapy; sexual assault; alcohol use dvora 2019‑09‑27
Frank C. Keil (Info) Yale djsimons 2007‑04‑18
E. Lowell Kelly (Info) University of Michigan Social Psychology twig99 2009‑09‑19
Dacher Keltner (Info) UC Berkeley emotion, social interaction, individual differences, conflict and negotiation, culture hayden 2007‑06‑18
Toni Kenthirarajah (Info) Stanford shannonbrady 2016‑06‑21
Alison M. Kevan (Info) Stanford "Psychology, visual development, dyslexia, DTI, tractography" akevan 2010‑09‑13
Charles A. Kiesler (Info) University of Missouri - Columbia ajsimpson91 2015‑06‑23
John F. Kihlstrom (Info) UC Berkeley consciousness, memory, social cognition mvlombardo 2009‑04‑29
Tamar Kreps (Info) Stanford gsadams 2016‑06‑22
Jon Krosnick (Info) Stanford romanocog 2011‑02‑05
Carol L. Krumhansl (Info) Cornell Cognition Music krumhansl 2009‑10‑24
Meredyth Anne Krych (Info) Stanford david 2015‑07‑04
Douglas H. Lawrence (Info) Stanford discrimination learning jopfer 2010‑10‑29
Mark Lepper (Info) Stanford ajsimpson91 2015‑07‑13
Daniel J. Levitin (Info) McGill auditory perception and cognition DanielLevitin 2009‑03‑21
Juan C. Leza (Info) Complutense University of Madrid psychological stress, oxidative/nitrosative damage, neuroinflammation jrcaso 2008‑05‑29
Matthew Dylan Lieberman (Info) UCLA social cognitive neuroscience mdlieber 2007‑02‑10
Kenneth B. Little (Info) Stanford Durden 2020‑08‑05
Elizabeth F. Loftus (Info) UC Irvine Memory, Psychology & Law eloftus 2006‑10‑01
Charles G. Lord (Info) Texas Christian University attitudes, prejudice, stereotyping, social cognition sbrady 2012‑06‑13
Joseph Luft (Info) Stanford herwitz 2011‑02‑24
Sebastian Lundmark (Info) Stanford krosnick 2020‑02‑08
Sonja Lyubomirsky (Info) UC Riverside nancysin 2013‑04‑07
Eleanor Maccoby (Info) Stanford jm1972 2018‑09‑03
Bertram F. Malle (Info) Brown Social cognition, moral psychology, social robotics editor64 2014‑03‑09
Kody Manke (Info) Stanford shannonbrady 2016‑06‑21
Traci Mann (Info) UMN health psychology, eating is3 2014‑09‑02
Jennifer M. Mariano (Info) Stanford Educational Psychology Education, Developmental Psychology pq 2016‑07‑23
Hazel Markus (Info) Stanford Social psychology, cultural psychology nherrera 2010‑03‑01
Barclay C. Martin (Info) UNC Chapel Hill herwitz 2011‑02‑02
C. Douglas McCann (Info) York University stokes 2010‑03‑24
George W. McConkie (Info) UIUC Cognition, Eye Movement Control During Reading lizschotter 2009‑11‑17
Quinn McNemar (Info) Stanford Psychometrics jandh 2016‑12‑17
Jack Meacham (Info) SUNY Buffalo Developmental psychology prap 2012‑09‑30
Sally P. Mendoza (Info) UC Davis kinsey 2010‑03‑05
Vinod Menon (Info) Stanford Cognitive neuroscience, Brain Imaging, Systems Neuroscience menonve 2006‑10‑13
Maud Amanda Merrill (Info) Stanford Psychometrics moreylc 2009‑03‑18
Brian Rounds Metcalf (Info) University of Cincinatti, Hawaii Pacific University Drug discrimination, chaos theory, schedule induced polydipisia, Time Perspective Theory/Therapy, Heroism Bmetcalf 2012‑02‑16
Lee Meyerson (Info) Arizona State dreed 2013‑01‑16
Walter Richard Miles (Info) Stanford, Yale Psychology sahin 2006‑11‑03
Dale T. Miller (Info) Stanford dcfv 2013‑10‑29
Geoffrey F. Miller (Info) Univ. of New Mexico Evolutionary Psychology lennonjon 2009‑07‑28
Julia A. Minson (Info) Stanford Social psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
Walter Mischel (Info) Columbia stokes 2010‑03‑24
Natalia Mislavskaya (Info) Stanford Social psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
Benoit Monin (Info) Stanford dcfv 2013‑10‑29
Cristina Mosso (Info) Stanford johntjost 2020‑06‑06
Mary C. Murphy (Info) Indiana University patrick 2016‑09‑23
Vaidehi S. Natu (Info) Stanford Face perception vsnatu 2007‑10‑22
Susan Nolen-Hoeksema (Info) Yale rumination retsige 2013‑10‑05
Erik Christopher Nook (Info) Columbia, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton Emotion, Clinical Psychology, Social Neuroscience, Development enook 2014‑09‑27
Regina L. Nuzzo (Info) Gallaudet Statistics DanielLevitin 2009‑03‑22
​Jason Okonofua (Info) Stanford shannonbrady 2016‑06‑21
Lynn A. Olzak (Info) Miami University visual psychophysics, spatial vision clarkam 2006‑11‑04
Daniel M. Oppenheimer (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑10‑05
Taylor Orth (Info) Stanford krosnick 2020‑02‑08
Karen J. Parker (Info) Stanford Biopsychology, Endocrinology hagenaue 2008‑12‑09
Kristin J. Pauker (Info) Tufts, Stanford, University of Hawai'i at Manoa intergroup relations, development of stereotyping and prejudice, social perception, multiracial pq 2015‑11‑26
David Paunesku (Info) Stanford shannonbrady 2016‑06‑21
Philip Peake (Info) Stanford emotion39 2018‑06‑01
Jennifer A. Percer (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑11‑21
Franco Pestilli (Info) Indiana University Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Tractography, functional MRI, Neuroscience, Visual attention, Decision making, Reward, Reading, Connectomics frakkopesto 2008‑05‑02
Lukas Pezawas (Info) Medical University of Vienna Computational Neuroanatomy, fMRI, Imaging Genetics, Psychiatry pezawas 2008‑06‑08
Victoria C. Plaut (Info) Stanford Social psychology, cultural psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
Joseph T. Powers (Info) Stanford shannonbrady 2016‑06‑21
Karl H. Pribram (Info) Yale, Stanford Psychology, frontal lobe hayden 2005‑01‑16
Emily B. Pronin (Info) Stanford Social psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
Matthew W. Prull (Info) Whitman College memory and aging prullmw 2014‑11‑14
Carolyn T. Puccio (Info) Stanford Social psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
Eve-Marie Quintin (Info) McGill Music perception; autism; emotion DanielLevitin 2009‑12‑10
Dennis T. Regan (Info) Cornell social psychology ajsimpson91 2016‑05‑11
David Rimm (Info) SIU Carbondale laumike 2011‑09‑17
John E. Roberts (Info) University of Pittsburgh klevy 2017‑03‑11
Lee Ross (Info) Stanford Social psychology nherrera 2010‑03‑04
Bryan L. Roth (Info) UNC Chapel Hill Psychopharmacology, 5-HT2A receptors, hallucinogens jagman23 2008‑07‑22
Mani/Madhuri Roy (Info) Stanford Biological psychiatry Robert Sapolsky 2006‑11‑02
David E. Rumelhart (Info) Stanford Neural nets 2006‑09‑21
Robert Nevitt Sanford (Info) Wright Institute, Berkeley, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Vassar fball 2015‑12‑10
Michael P. Sceniak (Info) Central Michigan University cellular neurophysiology DrYoda 2006‑03‑14
David J. Schneider (Info) Rice University ajsimpson91 2015‑06‑23
Lewis Stanford Seiden (Info) Chicago Psychopharmacology cab 2007‑08‑20
Samy Sekar (Info) Stanford krosnick 2020‑02‑08
Marilyn Shatz (Info) University of Michigan Developmental Psychology jrdyer 2006‑09‑20
Roger Newland Shepard (Info) Stanford neuroz 2006‑06‑30
David Sherman (Info) UC Santa Barbara nherrera 2013‑10‑15
Steven J. Sherman (Info) Indiana University Social cognition, decision-making mcrawford 2013‑09‑30
Maggie Shiffrar (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick visual perception, biological motion mkaiser 2009‑07‑30
Richard M. Shiffrin (Info) Indiana University Memory and perception hanks 2005‑11‑01
Shinsuke Shimojo (Info) Caltech Psychophysics hayden 2005‑02‑20
Lee S. Shulman (Info) Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Educational Psychology, Pedagogical Content Knowledge cdeanlee 2011‑10‑27
Jian L. Silverstein (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑11‑21
Steven Sloman (Info) Brown Decision Making DanielLevitin 2012‑06‑03
Vladimir M. Sloutsky (Info) Ohio State lapensee 2010‑04‑22
Craig Smith (Info) Stanford emotion, appraisal theory jenyih 2012‑09‑24
Mark Snyder (Info) UMN ddunaetz 2014‑04‑08
Brian J. Spitzer (Info) NYU Social psychology of education, parental feedback, developmental psychology, growth mindset, academic motivation bspitzer 2020‑08‑06
Mahesh Srinivasan (Info) UC Berkeley Language and Cognitive Development msriniv 2013‑08‑12
Sanjay Srivastava (Info) University of Oregon Personality, social sanjay 2013‑01‑30
Claude Steele (Info) UC Berkeley ajsimpson91 2015‑05‑05
Nicole M. Stephens (Info) Stanford Social psychology, cultural psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
Harold W. Stevenson (Info) UT Austin, UMN, University of Michigan children's learning jbooth 2010‑10‑12
Robert Stickgold (Info) Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School psychiatry rory 2009‑01‑15
Calvin P. Stone (Info) Stanford Physiological Psychology hayden 2005‑01‑17
Sean Brendan Stromsten (Info) Stanford david 2015‑07‑04
Seema Swamy (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑11‑21
Hiromasa Takemura (Info) National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Visual system htakemur 2013‑07‑31
Donald W. Taylor (Info) Stanford, Yale jandh 2018‑12‑24
Lewis Madison Terman (Info) Stanford hayden 2005‑09‑22
Teceta E. Thomas (Info) Stanford Social Psychology, Black Studies pq 2016‑09‑20
Barbara W. Tolentino (Info) Stanford Social Psychology, General Religion, Ethnic and Racial Studies pq 2016‑07‑23
Elizabeth Toomarian (Info) UW Madison Educational neuroscience EdHubbard 2013‑11‑04
Kali H. Trzesniewski (Info) UC Davis Self-Esteem Development erik404 2013‑01‑31
Annie Y. Tsai (Info) Stanford Social psychology, cultural psychology pq 2015‑10‑20
Julie M. Turchin (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑11‑21
Amos Tversky (Info) Stanford Decision-making hayden 2005‑12‑20
Leonard Paul Ullmann (Info) University of Houston comadan 2012‑02‑07
Chandan J. Vaidya (Info) Georgetown Executive function, Autism, ADHD, pediatric neuroimaging, dopamine, functional networks vaidyalab 2011‑05‑04
Katerina Velanova (Info) Stanford david 2015‑07‑04
Greg Walton (Info) Yale, University of Waterloo, Stanford sspencer 2015‑06‑25
Gregory M. Walton (Info) Yale Social Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Black Studies pq 2016‑06‑25
Brian A. Wandell (Info) Stanford Vision JLand52 2005‑01‑26
Andrew Ward (Info) Swarthmore social psychology sehmetz 2015‑04‑15
Kara Weisman (Info) Stanford kgweisman 2013‑10‑07
Henry Wellman (Info) University of Michigan cognitive development, theory of mind, theory theory sabbagh4 2009‑04‑09
George Wertheim (Info) Stanford, Stanford Medical School gbower 2017‑03‑13
Eric Wexler (Info) UCLA neural stem cells, psychopharmacology ewexler 2006‑10‑26
Frank Walter Weymouth (Info) Stanford perception and psychophysics ramb 2008‑03‑25
Paul Whitmore (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑11‑21
Lisanne Wichgers (Info) Stanford krosnick 2020‑02‑08
Clarence Lee Wilder (Info) Stanford ajsimpson91 2015‑08‑12
Robb Willer (Info) UC Berkeley, Stanford Collective Action/Social Movements, Gender, Morality, Political Psychology, Prosocial Behavior, Social Psychology cwilmuth 2011‑07‑09
Sam Wineburg (Info) Stanford Historical Consciousness, Identity, Cognition in the Humanities, Learning Design, Cognitive Psychology of Interpretation, Social Studies Education, Literacy, Curriculum and Instruction, Development of Historical Consciousness, Teaching and Learning Histor cdeanlee 2011‑10‑27
Robert D. Wirt (Info) UMN HillGoldsmith 2013‑08‑26
Ilana B. Witten (Info) Princeton Circuit-level analysis of reward and motivation david 2008‑03‑31
Diana S. Woodruff-Pak (Info) Temple University, Albert Einstein Healthcare Network, Madlyn/leonard Abramson Ctr/jewish Life Psychology, Eyeblink conditioning, Learning, Memory, Alzheimer rivogel 2005‑11‑01
Charlene Wu (Info) Stanford mdlieber 2010‑06‑04
Toshio Yamagishi (Info) Hokkaido University psychoplanet 2017‑01‑16
Jennifer Yih (Info) Tufts, Vanderbilt, Stanford emotion, appraisal theory, emotion regulation jenyih 2012‑09‑24
Sean D. Young (Info) Stanford pq 2015‑10‑05
Robert B. Zajonc (Info) Stanford Social psychology, emotion nherrera 2010‑03‑01
Antonette Zeiss (Info) University of Oregon, Veteran's Administration, Stanford Division20 2016‑06‑14
Xuan Zhao (Info) Brown, Chicago bfm64 2018‑01‑23
Philip G. Zimbardo (Info) Stanford Social psychology nherrera 2010‑03‑01
Sean R Zion (Info) Stanford Health, Psychology, Mindset seanrzion 2021‑03‑25
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