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Solomon E. Asch (Info) Swarthmore gestalt psychology, conformity guest 2009‑06‑04
Carolyn B. Becker (Info) Swarthmore, Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas klevy 2022‑06‑04
Dorwin Cartwright (Info) University of Michigan Social psychology nherrera 2010‑03‑01
Dorothy Dinnerstein (Info) Rutgers, Newark Perception gfmichel 2009‑12‑22
Jane E. Gillham (Info) Swarthmore klevy 2017‑11‑26
Lila R. Gleitman (Info) Penn psycholinguistics, language acquisition kas0179 2007‑09‑02
Amy M. Spiegel (Info) Johns Hopkins Biological Psychology, Aging, Learning and Memory amy.stocker 2008‑06‑27
Christina M. Temes (Info) Penn State, MGH klevy 2012‑04‑28
Andrew Ward (Info) Swarthmore social psychology sehmetz 2015‑04‑15
Charles Wenar (Info) Swarthmore, State University of Iowa, Institute for Juvenile Research, Michael Reese Hospital, Illinois Neuropsychiatric Institute, Penn, Ohio State klevy 2023‑11‑18
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