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Bryan D Devan (Info) Towson University, McGill Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychopharmacology, Integrative Brain Science, Interactive Memory Systems, Striatum, Hippocamus, Experimental Gerontology, PDE inhibition, Nutritional Neuroscience, Emergent Engram jlolds 2010‑05‑09
Kerri A. Goodwin (Info) Towson University Cnormile712 2015‑10‑16
Jeffrey M. Kenton (Info) Towson University Metacognition, assessment, instructional technology jkenton 2014‑01‑24
Christopher J. Normile (Info) Central Michigan University Applied Memory, Law Psychology, Cognition Cnormile712 2014‑09‑06
Drew M. Parton (Info) Towson University Psychophysiology, moral psychology dmpart10 2016‑08‑29
Herbert Petri (Info) Towson University Learning and Motivation estouffer 2014‑09‑07
Peter C. Shlanta (Info) Towson University Sensation & Perception PeteS1772 2014‑09‑06
Eric Matthew Stouffer (Info) Bloomsburg University of PA Learning and Memory estouffer 2014‑09‑06
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