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Gregory F. Ball (Info) Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, Ethology ccasteli 2006‑03‑28
Peter Balsam (Info) Barnard College, Columbia University animal learning cdale8 2008‑04‑23
Rachel Barr (Info) Georgetown Memory, Infant & Child Media lshuck 2009‑12‑19
Tom Beesley (Info) UNSW tbeesley 2015‑08‑19
David Berle (Info) University of Technology Sydney PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression, CBT DavidBerle 2020‑02‑13
Lisa A. Best (Info) University of New Brunswick perception hunter 2011‑04‑06
Lilly Both (Info) University of New Brunswick peer relations and social skills krubin 2010‑12‑18
Jessica Y. Breland (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Clinical Psychology, Public Health, Aging pq 2016‑09‑19
William M. Brown (Info) University of East London evolution of cooperation, genomic imprinting, sexual selection wmbrown 2007‑04‑03
R. Lorraine Collins (Info) McGill, Rutgers University -- New Brunswick, University of Washington, SUNY Stony Brook, SUNY Buffalo, RIA klevy 2021‑08‑15
Ian Creese (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Psychopharmacology sibley 2006‑10‑19
Melissa J. Crouch (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick david 2016‑08‑02
Jacqueline M. Fulvio (Info) UW Madison Visual system, Cognition, Perception jmfulvio 2014‑05‑25
Ronald Gandelman (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Katelin108 2010‑10‑01
David N. George (Info) University of Hull Associative Learning, Behavioural Neurosciene MarkHaselgrove 2010‑07‑28
Tamsin German (Info) UC Santa Barbara empiricsmrulz 2014‑10‑01
Lakshmi J. Gogate (Info) Florida Gulf Coast University Child language acquisition lmorett 2010‑03‑01
James Gordon Greeno (Info) Stanford stull 2010‑01‑29
Karen L. Gunther (Info) Wabash College color vision guntherk 2011‑04‑11
Harry Haroutioun Haladjian (Info) Universite Paris Descartes Vision visual attention, working memory, spatial memory, consciousness harryhh 2012‑04‑15
Laura J. Hall (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick, Lesley College, U Mass Amherst, Deakin University, Université catholique de Louvain, San Diego State University Evidence-based practices for autism, secondary transition, early intervention Hippieprofjr 2015‑04‑21
Warren G. (Ted) Hall (Info) Duke Developmental psychobiology, motivation kmyers 2008‑08‑11
Alycia Kay Halladay (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick jandh 2017‑08‑09
Catherine Hanson (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Cognitive Neuroscience adfgagliardi 2010‑05‑03
Stephen Jose Hanson (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational Neuroimaging yarikoptic 2009‑06‑04
Eddie Harmon-Jones (Info) The University of New South Wales Emotion, motivation, cognitive dissonance, prefrontal cortex jcoan 2009‑04‑03
Harlene Hayne (Info) University of Otago Memory, Developmental psychology DScarf 2011‑08‑05
Rachel F. Held (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Medicine and Surgery pq 2016‑09‑19
Erika Hussey (Info) UIUC Executive Function, Memory Retrieval, Sentence Processing ehussey 2008‑10‑06
Nora Miriam Isacoff (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick, NYU, UCL, Columbia mental lexicon, psychology of language, cognitive development nisacoff 2013‑09‑28
Brian Iwata (Info) University of Florida Behavior Analysis vancampc 2010‑06‑10
Lee Jussim (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Cnormile712 2015‑10‑16
Zsuzsa Kaldy (Info) U Mass Boston visual development zkaldy 2008‑06‑24
Peter R. Killeen (Info) Arizona State Experimental Psychology killeen@asu.edu 2006‑10‑02
Seha Kim (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick petercp 2009‑10‑04
Sung-ho Kim (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick petercp 2009‑10‑04
Evan M. Kleiman (Info) Harvard, Rutgers, New Brunswick, George Mason, Temple University, Temple University Psychology ekleiman 2014‑12‑11
Deirdre Kramer (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Development pak 2010‑01‑09
Kathryn M. Kroeper (Info) Indiana University, Rutgers, New Brunswick patrick 2016‑09‑23
Kala Lakshminarayanan (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Speech Perception, Psychoacoustics, Auditory Perceptual Plasticity kala 2007‑04‑26
Arnold Lazarus (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick StevenAMiller 2012‑09‑19
Mike Le Pelley (Info) UNSW ajwills 2013‑05‑24
Carly J. Leonard (Info) University of Colorado, Denver Attention, visual perception, eye movements, schizophrenia Carly 2007‑07‑13
Alan Leslie (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick pretense mvlombardo 2009‑03‑13
Howard Leventhal (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick lay models of disease, health psychology kmkelly 2014‑07‑23
David A. Levitsky (Info) Cornell kackroff 2012‑06‑21
Sisi Ma (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick djbarker 2014‑12‑06
Stephanie Madon (Info) Iowa State Cnormile712 2015‑10‑16
George F. Michel (Info) University of North Carolina at Greensboro developmental neuropsychology, behavioral endocrinology mcs 2007‑12‑06
Melchi M. Michel (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Vision, ideal observer models, perceptual learning, visual search, population coding melchi 2008‑06‑29
Sebastien Miellet (Info) University of Lille , France, University of Glasgow, University of Fribourg, Switzerland, Bournemouth University (United Kingdom), University of Wollongong, Australia Vision smiellet 2011‑12‑12
Harutune H. Mikaelian (Info) University of New Brunswick visual perception hgoltz 2011‑05‑18
Pablo A. Mora (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick david 2016‑08‑02
Corinne Alison Moss-Racusin (Info) Skidmore College Social Psychology, gender, stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, implicit social cognition cmossrac 2014‑07‑25
Tamara J. Musumeci (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology pq 2016‑09‑19
Benjamin R. Newell (Info) UNSW Judgment and Decision Making, Rationality suleguney 2011‑04‑26
Cheuk Ng (Info) University of Victoria, Athabasca University, University of Saskatchewan, University of New Brunswick, St. Thomas University Environmental, social, and cross-cultural psychology areas: noise, crowding, and privacy in the work and home environments, immigrants' use of space and acculturation, and more recently, retail environments and telework RGifford 2016‑05‑21
Gozde Ozakinci (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Social Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies pq 2016‑09‑19
Christophe Pallier (Info) CNRS cognitive psychology chrplr 2009‑01‑16
Donald R. Peterson (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick StevenAMiller 2012‑09‑09
Leigh A. Phillips (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Social Psychology pq 2016‑09‑19
Pierre Pica (Info) Paris VIII University; CNRS linguistics, behavioral psychology pierrepica 2009‑07‑05
Carolyn S. Rabin (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Clinical Psychology pq 2016‑09‑19
Jazmin A. Reyes (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick School Based Prevention and Intervention reyesja 2009‑04‑28
Ronald F. Rogers (Info) San Jose State Psychology rivogel 2005‑11‑01
Federico Sanabria (Info) Arizona State Experimental psychology, animal learning, impulse control, timing fsanabria 2008‑03‑31
Diana T. Sanchez (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick jegood 2013‑09‑09
Michael A. Sayette (Info) University of Pittsburgh Psychological theories of alcohol use and abuse, alcohol and stress, cigarette smoking, drug craving, cognitive and affective processes in addiction sjwilson 2006‑12‑11
Brian J. Scholl (Info) Yale Psychophysics hayden 2005‑02‑20
Maggie Shiffrar (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick visual perception, biological motion mkaiser 2009‑07‑30
David V. Smith (Info) Rutgers, Newark decision neuroscience, valuation, individual differences dvsmith 2007‑07‑30
Branka Spehar (Info) The University of New South Wales Visual psychophysics johncass 2009‑04‑06
Karin Stromswold (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick jacob-feldman 2009‑09‑15
D Alan Stubbs (Info) University of Maine animal learning hunter 2011‑04‑06
Bruce Svare (Info) SUNY Albany Katelin108 2010‑10‑01
William H. Tucker (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick History of Psychology wmhtucker 2009‑12‑03
Michael Vigorito (Info) Seton Hall University Learning & Motivation asclafani 2011‑01‑04
Daniel Voyer (Info) University of New Brunswick Laterality, Cognitive gender differences, Auditory perception, Visual perception voyer 2010‑07‑28
J. W.(Bill) Whitlow (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Learning and memory bwhitlow 2014‑01‑02
John Wilder (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick petercp 2009‑10‑04
Kevin Zish (Info) George Mason Human factors of human error, Cognitive neuroscience of recognition memory kzish 2012‑10‑22
Rene Diane Zweig (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick jandh 2019‑09‑14
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