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Charles Adans (Info) kourtnee26 2014‑05‑12
Mildred Adkins (Info) kourtnee26 2014‑05‑12
Horace Mann Bond (Info) United States Social, African American Education, Education, History, Sociology kourtnee26 2014‑05‑12
Jonathan Taylor Cummings (Info) United States Computer Science jon24 2011‑08‑29
Ewart J. de Visser (Info) George Mason cognitive neuroscience,attention,human factors,neuroergonomics pq 2015‑10‑18
Victor Steven Finomore (Info) Air Force Research Lab finomore 2010‑08‑11
Seymour Fisher (Info) United States Psychopharmacology, research design and methodology, social influence, hypnosis syfisher 2010‑01‑08
Thomas J. Gould (Info) Temple University Psychology rivogel 2005‑11‑01
Roger Greenberg (Info) SUNY snelson 2013‑02‑17
June Gruber (Info) Yale, CU Boulder Positive Emotions and Psychopathology sdutra 2010‑11‑02
Benjamin David Hill (Info) University of South Alabama Neuropsychology, Working Memory, TBI bdhill 2010‑01‑31
Jesse Marczyk (Info) United States Military Academy mjmarks 2018‑04‑05
Michael J. Marks (Info) New Mexico State klevy 2012‑03‑12
Kevin M. Mullaney (Info) U.S. Naval Academy d3newman 2018‑12‑19
David B. Portnoy (Info) FDA Risk perception, decision making, applied social psychology, attitudes dbportnoy 2012‑10‑31
Jon-Michael Saenz (Info) United States Positive Emotion and Psychopathology jmasaenz 2010‑11‑02
Colin J. Saldanha (Info) American University Neuroendocrinology colinsaldanha 2011‑11‑28
Diana S. Woodruff-Pak (Info) Temple University, Albert Einstein Healthcare Network, Madlyn/leonard Abramson Ctr/jewish Life Psychology, Eyeblink conditioning, Learning, Memory, Alzheimer rivogel 2005‑11‑01
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