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Mary Ainsworth (Info) UVA Attachment kehrlich 2009‑12‑19
Michael Barnett-Cowan (Info) University of Waterloo Multisensory, perception and action, psychophysics, vestibular system laurence.r.harris 2008‑06‑23
Jason Beiko (Info) University of Manitoba learning DPCain 2010‑08‑21
Michael J. Boisvert (Info) Western Ontario Animal cognition sherry 2010‑08‑30
Francis Boon (Info) Western Ontario DPCain 2010‑08‑21
David R. Brodbeck (Info) Algoma University Comparative Cognition dbrodbeck 2012‑02‑09
Stephanie Bugden (Info) Western Ontario dansari 2011‑02‑20
Rachel Calogero (Info) University of Kent, UK adrian3 2016‑03‑21
Jiguo Jack Cao (Info) McGill georgezhao 2018‑12‑20
Charlotte Chiu (Info) Western Ontario DPCain 2010‑08‑26
Janet Chung (Info) University of Waterloo culture and social development krubin 2010‑12‑29
Andrew R Daoust (Info) Western Ontario biomarkers of stress, cortisol, developmental psychopathology adaoust3 2020‑04‑27
Michael R W Dawson (Info) University of Alberta Foundations of cognitive science, artificial neural networks mrwdawson 2008‑09‑16
Hans C. Dringenberg (Info) Queens University Synaptic plasticity, Long-term potentiation, Visual system, Auditory system lgrosen 2012‑03‑13
Liisa Galea (Info) UBC Psychology bormerod 2008‑02‑07
Robert C. Gardner (Info) Western Ontario alchemist09 2009‑11‑10
George Guthrie (Info) University of Western Ontario, Canada, UMN, Penn State klevy 2020‑07‑28
Elizabeth P. Hayden (Info) SUNY Stony Brook pq 2015‑11‑14
Gordon Hodson (Info) Brock University ajsimpson91 2015‑07‑10
Ian Holloway (Info) Western Ontario Numerical Cognition, fMRI, symbol mapping gavinprice 2009‑08‑27
Melissa Hoppe (Info) Utrecht DPCain 2010‑08‑26
Lynn Imai (Info) Western Ontario Cross-Cultural Organizational Behavior limai 2011‑07‑12
Douglas N. Jackson (Info) Western Ontario assessment, psychological testing itpetersen 2010‑11‑13
Patricia Jordan (Info) Western Ontario Developmental Psychopathology, Cognitive Development hwilk 2011‑03‑03
John T. Jost (Info) NYU political psychology, system justification theory NLindner 2009‑06‑04
Stephen B. Kendall (Info) Western Ontario dpj 2011‑04‑09
Laura Kenton (Info) Sick Children's Hospital, Totonro animal models DPCain 2010‑08‑21
Yuliya Kotelnikova (Info) Western Ontario RonBurgundy 2016‑03‑13
Katie R. Kryski (Info) Western Ontario RonBurgundy 2016‑03‑13
Ruth Lanius (Info) Western Ontario neuropsychiatry, neuroimaging corcoran 2007‑11‑15
Sara B. Lattanzio (Info) Western Ontario Animal cognition sherry 2010‑08‑30
Noah Lazar (Info) St. Joseph's Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario animal models DPCain 2010‑08‑21
Mowei Liu (Info) Trent University social and emotional development; culture krubin 2010‑12‑16
Xin Liu (Info) Western Ontario georgezhao 2018‑12‑20
Derrick F. MacFabe (Info) Western Ontario animal models-autism DPCain 2010‑08‑21
Sarah Mackrell (Info) Western Ontario RonBurgundy 2016‑03‑13
Ewan A. Macpherson (Info) Western Ontario auditory neurophysiology, psychoacoustics emacpher 2007‑10‑31
J. McKay (Info) Western Ontario DPCain 2010‑08‑27
Christopher McNorgan (Info) Western Ontario, SUNY Buffalo, Northwestern Multisensory Integration, Semantic Memory, Computational Models, Functional Neuroimaging jbooth 2010‑10‑12
Sarah J Miles (Info) Western Ontario jpminda 2018‑07‑09
A David Milner (Info) Durham University neuropsychology, visual system adm 2007‑04‑19
John Paul Minda (Info) Western Ontario cognition, categories, concepts, thinking jpminda 2018‑07‑09
John B. Mitchell (Info) Brescia University College, University of Western Ontario educational psychology, motivation jbmitche 2008‑02‑11
V Msi (Info) Western Ontario DPCain 2010‑08‑26
Ruby Nadler (Info) Western Ontario jpminda 2018‑07‑09
William Lee Palya (Info) Jacksonville State University Behavior Analysis rescobar 2011‑06‑07
David R. Pederson (Info) Western Ontario smithp 2013‑09‑24
Tara Perrot (Info) Dalhousie University amandagreen 2010‑01‑04
Michael Peters (Info) University of Guelph Neuropsychology mikebc 2008‑07‑20
Stephanie Rossit (Info) Western Ontario Hemispatial neglect, perception and action rossit 2009‑10‑30
William C. Schmidt (Info) SUNY Buffalo Visual Psychophysics wcswcs 2007‑05‑28
Shannon Scratch (Info) University of Melbourne animal models DPCain 2010‑08‑21
Sandy Shultz (Info) University of Melbourne concussion: animal models; human concussion DPCain 2010‑08‑21
Richard M. Sorrentino (Info) Western Ontario ajsimpson91 2015‑07‑10
Irene Sperandio (Info) University of East Anglia Neuroscience, Psychophysics, Neuroimaging, Visual Perception irene_sperandio 2007‑10‑24
Sarah Stanton (Info) Western Ontario PennebakerKid 2019‑09‑16
Donald M. Taylor (Info) McGill jj2000 2018‑11‑23
Lana Trick (Info) University of Guelph mrwdawson 2011‑07‑11
Lucia van Eimeren (Info) Western Ontario gavinprice 2009‑08‑27
Stephan Erich Vogel (Info) Western Ontario Numerical Cognition,Ordinality, fMRI gavinprice 2009‑08‑27
Matthew Waxer (Info) Western Ontario Cognitive Development, Cognitive Control hwilk 2011‑03‑03
Lynne J. Williams (Info) Rotman Research Institite, Baycrest Cognitive Neuroscience david 2009‑09‑19
Stacey Woodward (Info) Western Ontario DPCain 2010‑08‑24
Richard D. Wright (Info) Simon Fraser attention mrwdawson 2011‑07‑11
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