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Judy Eaton (Info) Wilfrid Laurier University social cognition, forgiveness jae 2010‑03‑24
Brittany Ford (Info) Wilfrid Laurier pmallet 2009‑10‑30
Dale W Griffin (Info) UBC Judgment and Decision Making 2020‑08‑21
Catherine Guastavino (Info) McGill auditory cognition, categorization DanielLevitin 2009‑03‑22
William E. Hockley (Info) Wilfrid Laurier University Memory tbancroft 2010‑08‑16
Christian Jordan (Info) Wilfrid Laurier University sspencer 2015‑06‑25
Paul E. Mallet (Info) Wilfrid Laurier, University of New England, Armidale, University of Sydney, Queen's University at Kingston, University of Windsor learning and memory, addiction, cannabinoids bormerod 2009‑09‑07
Michael Peters (Info) University of Guelph Neuropsychology mikebc 2008‑07‑20
Elham Satvat (Info) Wilfrid Laurier pmallet 2009‑10‑30
Erin Strahan (Info) Wilfrid Laurier University sspencer 2015‑06‑25
Mounia Ziat (Info) Wilfrid Laurier University Tactile perception, Attention, Multimodal interaction ZiMoun 2010‑08‑26
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