University of South Florida

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Lauren M Bylsmaemotion, mood disorders, heart rate variability, event related potentials, ecological momentary assessment, development Psychology Psychology20052012 Jonathan A. Rottenberg (grad student), Kristen Salomon (grad student)
Constanza de DiosEEG, attention, motivation2013 Geoffrey Potts (grad student)
Nicole E. JagusztynIndustrial Psychology, Industrial and Labor Relations2010 Kristen Salomon (grad student)
Alvin B. JinCognitive Psychology Psychology2014 Kristen Salomon (grad student)
Julia B McDonald Clinical Psychology20162022 Edelyn Verona (grad student)
Kristen Salomon
Xiaoqian Yu Psychology Psychology2014 Emanuel Donchin (grad student), Geoffrey Potts (grad student)