Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ching-shing ChanTheory and Methods, Asia History2004 Agnes S. M. Ku (grad student)
Song ChangManagement Business Administration HKUST2007 Yaping Gong (grad student)
Kin F. Ellick WongManagement Business Administration, Organization Theory
Yaping GongManagement Business Administration, Organizational
Edward T. Jow-ChingDemography
Theodore H. K. ClarkManagement Business Administration, Criminology and Penology
Rajiv K. KozhikodeManagement Business Administration, Organization Theory HKUST2010 Jiatao Li (grad student)
Agnes KuPublic and Social Welfare, Leadership Education, Policy Education
Yvonne Y. LeungPublic and Social Welfare, Leadership Education, Policy Education HKUST2013 Agnes Ku (grad student)
Jiatao LiManagement Business Administration, Organization Theory
Yucheng LiangSocial Structure and Development HKUST2007 Bian Yanjie (grad student)
Agnes S. M. KuTheory and Methods, Asia History
Jianxiong MaIndividual and Family Studies, Asian Studies2008 Barry Sautman (grad student)
Hgai PunIndustrial and Labor Relations
Cuili QianManagement Business Administration KHUST2010 Jiatao Li (grad student)
Barry SautmanIndividual and Family Studies, Asian Studies
Duanxu WangManagement Business Administration, Industrial and Labor Relations2001 Anne S. Y. Tsui (grad student)
Zhenzhen XieManagement Business Administration hkust2013 Jiatao Li (grad student)
Anne S. Y. TsuiManagement Business Administration, Industrial and Labor Relations
Bian YanjieSocial Structure and Development