McMaster University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Nicole Andrejek Sociology Tina Fetner (grad student)
Sandra Bortolin Sociology2013 Tina Fetner (grad student)
Nikki-Marie Brown Sociology Tina Fetner (grad student)
Leslie Cove Sociology2013 Tina Fetner (grad student)
Carl CuneoSociology of Education, Administration Education
Margaret DentonPublic and Social Welfare, Public Health
Tina Fetnersexualities, social movements, political sociology
Deena Abul Fottouh Sociology2016 Tina Fetner (grad student)
Elizabeth GrahamGeneral, Women's Studies2004 Charlene Miall (grad student)
Leanne JoanisseIndividual and Family Studies, Medicine and Surgery2003 R Lenton (grad student)
Candace L. KempIndividual and Family Studies2003 Carolyn J. Rosenthal (grad student)
Graham KnightGeneral, Mass Communications
R LentonIndividual and Family Studies, Medicine and Surgery
Nikolaos I. LiodakisEthnic and Racial Studies2002 Victor Satzewich (grad student)
Neil MclaughlinSociology of intellectuals, sociology of knowledge, Erich Fromm
Charlene MiallGeneral, Women's Studies
Dorothy PawluchEthnic and Racial Studies, Public Health
Carolyn J. RosenthalIndividual and Family Studies
Victor SatzewichEthnic and Racial Studies
Allyson Stokes Sociology2013 Tina Fetner (grad student)
Lisa StrohscheinPublic and Social Welfare, Public Health2002 Margaret Denton (grad student)
Katherine A. WatsonSociology of Education, Administration Education2003 Carl Cuneo (grad student)
Tommy WuPolitical Economy, transnationalism and migrant labour, Race and Asian American studies, Immigrant politicization and subjectivities, Ethnography and social media
Marisa Young