The Graduate School and University Center, The City University of New York

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ayse AkalinIndustrial and Labor Relations, Women's Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies Sociology2009 Barbara Katz Rothman (grad student)
Kevin B. AndersonSocial theory, Marxist sociology Sociology Philosophy1983 George Fischer (grad student), Joan Stambaugh (grad student)
Carlene Buchanan TurnerIndividual and Family Studies, Public Health, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Black Studies, Women's Studies, Gerontology, African American Studies Sociology2009 Barbara Katz Rothman (grad student)
Erynn CasanovaSocial Structure and Development, Gender Studies, Women's Studies, Recreation Sociology2009 Mitchell Duneier (grad student)
Joanna DrebyIndividual and Family Studies, Hispanic American Studies Sociology Sociology Sociology2007 Julia Wrigley (grad student), Mitchell Duneier (grad student), Philip Kasinitz (grad student)
Susan DumaisSociology of education
Rosemary M. FeeleyIndividual and Family Studies, Gender Studies, Women's Studies Sociology2009 Susan Markens (grad student)
George Fischer
Gail GarfieldEthnic and Racial Studies, Black Studies, Women's Studies, Individual and Family Studies2000 Barbara Katz Rothman (grad student)
Roderick S. GrahamSocial Structure and Development, Cultural Anthropology, Music Sociology2009 David Halle (grad student)
Christopher GundersonSocial Structure and Development, Latin American Studies, Latin American History, Native American Studies Sociology2013 John L Hammond (grad student)
David HalleSociology of culture
John L Hammondsocial movements, Latin America
Joanna C. KallanIndividual and Family Studies, Obstetrics and Gynecology Sociology2013 Susan Markens (grad student)
Jesse LissInternational political economy, political sociology, economic sociology Sociology Sociology2017 Stephanie Luce (grad student), Paul Attewell (grad student)
Melanie LorekCultural sociology Sociology Sociology2018 Gail Garfield (grad student), Barbara Katz Rothman (grad student)
Wei-Ting LuIndividual and Family Studies, Sociology of Education, Asian American Studies Sociology2014 Pyong Gap Min (grad student)
Stephanie LuceLabor studies
Leslie McCallInequality, gender, intersectionality, political economy, public opinion
Doug MeyerGLBT Studies, Social Structure and Development, Gender Studies Sociology2011 Barbara Katz Rothman (grad student)
Ruth MilkmanIndustrial and Labor Relations, Gender, Social Movements
Pyong Gap MinKorean Americans, immigration
Jeremy R. PorterDemography, Criminology and Penology, Statistics
Megha RamaswamyCriminology and Penology, Public Health, Gender Studies Sociology2009 Barbara Katz Rothman (grad student)
Alexandrea RavenelleSociology of work Sociology2018 Barbara Katz Rothman (grad student)
Wendy S. SimondsTheory and Methods, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology Sociology Sociology1990 Barbara Katz Rothman (grad student), Gaye Tuchman (grad student)
Gregory C. Smithsimon Sociology2006 Sharon Zukin (grad student)
Van C. TranImmigration, urban sociology
Alex S. VitaleGeneral, Criminology and Penology, Public and Social Welfare Sociology Sociology Sociology2001 John Mollenkopf (grad student), Philip Kasinitz (grad student), Michael P. Jacobson (grad student)
Terry WilliamsUrban ethnography Sociology1978 William Kornblum (grad student)
Craig WillseSocial Structure and Development, American Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies Sociology2010 Barbara Katz Rothman (grad student)
Jonathan R WynnUrban culture theory ethnography Sociology2006 Mitchell Duneier (grad student)
Fang XuImmigration, race and ethnicity, urban sociology Sociology Sociology Anthropology2016 Sharon Zukin (grad student), Philip Kasinitz (grad student), Jillian R. Cavanaugh (grad student)