University of Notre Dame

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jade Avelis2017 Jessica L. Collett (grad student)
Saibal BasuGeneral Economics, Agricultural Economics, Theory Economics, South Asian Studies2010 Martin H. Wolfson (grad student)
Viviana A. BompadreGeneral2004 Lynette Spillman (grad student)
Rebecca BordtPublic and Social Welfare, General
Julie BraungartDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies
Alexander J. BuoyeSociology of Education, Social Structure and Development, Curriculum and Instruction Education2004 Maureen T. Hallinan (grad student)
Thomas A. BurkemperGeneral, Social Psychology2002 David Hachen (grad student)
Bryan Byerssociology Sociology Richard Lamanna (grad student)
Ellen Childs2014 Jessica L. Collett (grad student)
Jessica L. CollettGeneral, Theory and Methods, Social Psychology
Joseph W. CreechUnited States History, General Religion2000 Walter Nugent (grad student)
Fabio DasilvaSocial Structure and Development, Theory and Methods, General Religion, Latin American History
Rick E. DevriesHistory Economics, Banking Business Administration, Modern History2000 Martin H. Wolfson (grad student)
Claire K. DochertyDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2000 Julie Braungart (grad student)
Brandy J. EllisonSociology of Education, Administration Education2009 Maureen T. Hallinan (grad student)
Justin Farrell Sociology2013 Omar Lizardo (grad student)
David HachenTheory and Methods, Speech Communication
Maureen T. HallinanSocial Structure and Development, Sociology of Education, Administration Education, Teacher Training Education
Christopher J. HausmannGeneral Sociology2011 Omar Lizardo (grad student)
Kari M. HojaraSocial Structure and Development Sociology2014 Lynette Spillman (grad student)
Keely S. JonesPublic and Social Welfare, Theory and Methods2005 Lynette Spillman (grad student)
Vladimir T. KhmelkovSocial Structure and Development, Sociology of Education, Administration Education, Teacher Training Education2000 Maureen T. Hallinan (grad student)
Richard Lamanna
Felicia B. LeClereEthnic and Racial Studies, Demography
Omar LizardoCulture, Networks, Cognition, Consumption, Social Theory, Organizations
Sarah L. MacMillenTheory and Methods, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Cultural Anthropology2007 Lynette Spillman (grad student)
Daniel E MartínezImmigration, unauthorized migration, criminology, race & ethnicty Sociology Kraig Beyerlein (grad student)
Eileen E. McConnellEthnic and Racial Studies, Demography2001 Felicia B. LeClere (grad student)
Erin Metz McDonnell
Jessica Mikels-Carrasco2014 Jessica L. Collett (grad student)
Ann MischeSociology of culture, social movements, political sociology, social networks
Gail M. MulliganSociology of Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2005 Maureen T. Hallinan (grad student)
Sarah A. MustilloHealth, demography, statistics
Justin Van Ness Sociology20132018 Erika Summers-Effler (grad student)
Walter NugentUnited States History, Ethnic and Racial Studies, American Studies, Black Studies
Lynda D. NycePublic and Social Welfare, General2000 Rebecca Bordt (grad student)
Abigail OcobockGender and Sexuality
Samuel R. PavelLabor Economics2001 Martin H. Wolfson (grad student)
Melissa Pirkey2015 Omar Lizardo (grad student)
Daniel E. SarosHistory Economics, Labor Economics, Theory Economics, United States History2004 Martin H. Wolfson (grad student)
Saskia Sassen Sociology1974 Fabio Dasilva (grad student), Andrew Weigert (research assistant)
Brandon Sepulvado Sociology2019 Omar Lizardo (grad student)
Sara Skiles Sociology2014 Omar Lizardo (grad student)
Lynette SpillmanSocial Structure and Development Sociology Sociology1991 Ann Swidler (grad student), Neil Smelser (grad student)
Dustin S. Stoltzsociology Sociology Sociology2019 Omar Lizardo (grad student), Terence E. McDonnell (grad student)
Michael StrandEuropean History, General, General History2013 Lynette Spillman (grad student)
Marshall A. TaylorCultural Sociology, Cognitive Sociology, Computational Social Science Sociology2019 Omar Lizardo (grad student)
Ana Milenova Velitchkova Sociology2014 Omar Lizardo (grad student)
Andrew WeigertSociology of religion, social psychology
Thomas L. WhitmanDevelopmental Psychology, Individual and Family Studies
Martin H. WolfsonLabor Economics, Industrial and Labor Relations
Michael Lee Wood Sociology2019 Omar Lizardo (grad student)
Jeffrey G. ZaneUnited States History, Ethnic and Racial Studies, American Studies, Black Studies2001 Walter Nugent (grad student)
Jessica S. ZiembroskiGerontology, Public Health, Women's Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies2004 Felicia B. LeClere (grad student)