Irving L. Weissman, MD

Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, CA, United States 
Stem cell biology, Regenerative medicine
"Irving L. Weissman"
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Leonard Arthur Herzenberg research assistant Stanford (Plant Biology Tree)
Ernst J. Eichwald research assistant 1953-1956 University of Utah (Neurotree)
Jim Gowans grad student 1964-1965 Oxford (Neurotree)
Henry S. Kaplan research scientist Stanford (Neurotree)


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Libuse Jerabek research assistant Stanford Medical School
Emi Kusaba research assistant Stanford Medical School
Maia Shoham research assistant Stanford Medical School
Ann Tsukamoto-Weissman research assistant Stanford School of Medicine
Owen N. Witte research assistant
Laura Dunn research assistant 2015- Stanford Medical School
Joseph Noh research assistant 2016- Stanford
Stephanie Smith-Berdan research assistant 2000-2003
Richard I. Sherwood research assistant 2001-2004 Stanford (Neurotree)
Chrissy Muscat research assistant 2003-2009 Stanford Medical School
Humberto Contreras-Trujillo research assistant 2009-2014 Stanford Medical School
Terry Storm research assistant 2006-2017 Stanford Medical School
Kelly McKenna research assistant 2012-2018 Stanford University Medical School
Nicolas Poux research assistant 2015-2020
Timothy Chai grad student
James Yuhtyng Chen grad student
Ingrid Ibarra grad student
Maxim Markovic grad student
Melissa Nicole McCracken grad student Stanford Medical School
Sean J. Morrison grad student Stanford (Neurotree)
Jason Ross grad student
Nobuko Uchida grad student
Kipp Weiskopf grad student
Gunsagar Singh Gulati grad student 2014-
Mark Kowarsky grad student 2014- Stanford
Phoebe Ying Yiu grad student 2015- Stanford Medical School
Joy He grad student 2016- Stanford Medical School
Daniel D. Liu grad student 2018- Stanford
Robert Eisenberg grad student 1966-1971
George A Gutman grad student 1968-1973 Stanford
Stephen R. Nord grad student 1970-1974 Stanford University Medical School
Carol Nottenburg grad student 1975-1981
Howard Gershenfeld grad student 1979-1984 UT Southwestern (Neurotree)
Nathaniel R. Landau grad student 1984-1984 Stanford University Medical School (Microtree)
Raymond H. Chen grad student 1988-1991 Stanford University Medical School
David Traver grad student 2000 Stanford
Douglas E. Wright grad student 2001 Stanford
Toshihiro Miyamoto grad student 1998-2001 Kyushu University
Julie L. Christensen grad student 2003 Stanford
Diana J. Laird grad student 2003 Stanford
Thanyaphong Na Nakorn grad student 2003 Stanford
Samuel H. Cheshier grad student 2005 Stanford
Angela G. King grad student 2005 Stanford
Garrett C. Heffner grad student 2008 Stanford
Camille A Sindhu grad student 2005-2008 Stanford University Medical School
Christopher B Franco grad student 2005-2009 Stanford Medical School
Agnieszka D Czechowicz grad student 2010 Stanford
Siddhartha Jaiswal grad student 1999-2010
Charles Kwok Fai Chan grad student 2002-2010 Stanford Medical School
Jake Fathman grad student 2006-2011 Stanford University Medical School
Wendy W Pang grad student 2006-2011 Stanford Medical School
Diane Tseng grad student 2006-2013
Ming T Cheah grad student 2006-2014 Stanford Medical School
Katharina Sophia Volz grad student 2012-2015 Stanford Medical School
Aaron M. Ring grad student 2008-2016 Stanford School of Medicine
Adriel Cha grad student 2010-2016
Kyle Loh grad student 2011-2016 Stanford Medical School (Neurotree)
Geoffrey W. Krampitz grad student 2012-2017 Stanford Medical School
Sydney Rin Anna Gordon grad student 2013-2017 Stanford University Medical School
TEJA NAIK grad student 2009-2018 Stanford Medical School
Jonathan M Tsai grad student 2011-2018 Stanford University Medical School
Benson M. George grad student 2014-2018 Stanford Medical School (Neurotree)
Amira A Barkal grad student 2016-2019 Stanford Medical School
John Carlson post-doc
Anthony W De Tomaso post-doc Stanford Medical School
Suzana Assad Kahn post-doc (Neurotree)
Miriam Merad post-doc Stanford Med School (Cell Biology Tree)
Emmanuelle Passegué post-doc Stanford University Medical School (Chemistry Tree)
Tannishtha Reya post-doc Stanford Medical School
Judith A Shizuru post-doc Stanford Medical School
Lishan Su post-doc (Cell Biology Tree)
Amy J. Wagers post-doc Stanford University Medical School (Cell Biology Tree)
Jinyi Xiang post-doc 2017- Stanford Medical School
Balyn W. Zaro post-doc 2017- Stanford Medical School (Chemistry Tree)
Mona Khalaj post-doc 2018- Stanford Medical School
Nicole Marjon post-doc 2018- Stanford Medical School
Anna E. Eastman post-doc 2020- Stanford University Medical School
Erica Dhuey post-doc 2022- Stanford Medical School
Myra Small post-doc 1972-1973 Stanford Medical School
Roland G Scollay post-doc 1978-1980 Stanford Medical School (Cell Biology Tree)
Robert L Coffman post-doc 1977-1981 Stanford
Thomas P. St. John post-doc 1981-1985 Stanford Medical School
Gerald J. Spangrude post-doc 1984-1988 Stanford University Medical School (Cell Biology Tree)
Joseph Mike McCune post-doc 1985-1988 Stanford University Medical School (ID Tree)
Laurie G. Smith post-doc 1988-1989 Stanford Med School
Cynthia Guidos post-doc 1986-1991 Stanford (Cell Biology Tree)
Koichi Ikuta post-doc 1988-1992 Stanford Medical School
Susan Alpert Siegel post-doc 1990-1992 Stanford
David L Vaux post-doc 1989-1993 Stanford
Timo I Veromaa post-doc 1990-1993 Stanford University Medical School
Simona Bartl post-doc 1989-1994
David T Crowe post-doc 1989-1994 Stanford Medical School
Eric Lagasse post-doc 1989-1996 Stanford (Cell Biology Tree)
Christopher A. Klug post-doc 1993-1997 Stanford (Microtree)
Brad Magor post-doc 1995-1999 Stanford
Ayelet Voskoboynik post-doc 2001-2003
Spencer V. Nyholm post-doc 2002-2005 Stanford (Microtree)
David Bryder post-doc 2003-2005 Stanford Medical School
Kara Pham post-doc 2002-2007 Stanford Medical School (Neurotree)
Deepta Bhattacharya post-doc 2003-2008 Stanford Medical School (Cell Biology Tree)
Derrick J Rossi post-doc 2003-2008 Stanford Medical School
Keith Syson Chan post-doc 2004-2009 Stanford (Neurotree)
Christopher Y Park post-doc 2004-2009 Stanford Medical School (Neurotree)
Ravindra Majeti post-doc 2005-2009 Stanford University Medical School (Chemistry Tree)
Lauren I R Ehrlich post-doc 2010 Stanford
Micha Drukker post-doc 2005-2010 Stanford
Jun Seita post-doc 2006-2010 Stanford Medical School
Matthew A.K. Inlay post-doc 2004-2012 Stanford Medical School
Alexander D. Boiko post-doc 2006-2012 UC Irvine (Neurotree)
Reza Ardehali post-doc 2008-2012 Stanford (E-Tree)
Marcus Alexander post-doc 2010-2012 Stanford Medical School (Computational Biology Tree)
Phung T. Gip post-doc 2010-2012 Stanford School of Medicine (Cell & Gene Therapy Tree)
Rong Lu post-doc 2007-2013 Stanford University Medical School
Debashis Sahoo post-doc 2009-2014 Stanford
Roy Maute post-doc 2013-2015 Stanford (Chemistry Tree)
Mingye Feng post-doc 2011-2017 Stanford Medical School
Sharareh Gholamin post-doc 2012-2017 Stanford Medical School (Neurotree)
Naoki Hosen post-doc 2013-2017 Stanford
Benyamin Rosental post-doc 2013-2018 Stanford Medical School
Kristopher D Marjon post-doc 2015-2018 Stanford Medical School
Fangfang Zhu post-doc 2011-2019 Stanford Medical School
Michal C. Tal post-doc 2013-2019 Stanford Medical School
E. Camilla Forsberg research scientist
Charlene Wang research scientist
Albert Y. Wu research scientist 2017- Stanford Medical School (Chemistry Tree)
Eugene Butcher research scientist 1976-1981 Stanford Medical School (Neurotree)
Helen O'NEILL research scientist 1984-1985 Stanford Medical School
Tal Raveh research scientist 2002-2010 Stanford (Chemistry Tree)
Jun Seita research scientist 2010-2016 Stanford Medical School
Siddhartha S. Mitra research scientist 2010-2018 Stanford University Medical School (Neurotree)
Monika Zukowska research scientist 2018-2019 Stanford University Medical School


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John Richard Henley collaborator Mayo Clinic (Neurotree)
Kim J. Hasenkrug collaborator 1978- NIAID, NIH
Simon V. Hunt collaborator 1981-1982 Stanford University Medical School (Neurotree)
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