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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Destiny Batton (Info) UCLA ctermini 2019‑10‑24
Ana Cumano (Info) Institut Pasteur Relsaid 2021‑01‑12
Ramy Elsaid (Info) Institut Curie, Paris, France Hemtaopiesis and Immune cells development Relsaid 2021‑01‑12
Amy C Fan (Info) Stanford HSPC, AML amycfan 2020‑01‑22
C. Garrison Fathman (Info) Stanford jandh 2020‑06‑10
Philippe Herbomel (Info) Institut Pasteur Relsaid 2021‑01‑12
Pedro Hernandez (Info) Institut Curie, Paris Relsaid 2021‑01‑12
Peter Kao (Info) Stanford University Medical School thsuanwu 2020‑01‑31
Fernando Martin-Belmonte (Info) Centro de Biologia Molecular Severo Ochoa (Madrid), CSIC-UAM alejo.r.fraticelli 2021‑09‑21
Tanya Renee McKitrick (Info) Stanford jandh 2020‑06‑20
Ronald C Merrell (Info) Stanford jandh 2020‑06‑10
Hiromitsu Nakauchi (Info) Stanford Medical School g341149 2019‑10‑22
Amara Pang (Info) UCLA ctermini 2019‑10‑24
Elisa Gomez Perdiguero (Info) Institut Pasteur Relsaid 2021‑01‑12
Alejo E. Rodriguez-Fraticelli (Info) IRB Barcelona Stem cell biology; Single-cell biology; Epithelial development alejo.r.fraticelli 2021‑09‑21
Chelsea Saito-Reis (Info) ctermini 2019‑10‑24
Indranil Singh (Info) IRB Barcelona alejo.r.fraticelli 2021‑09‑21
Anna Weiss (Info) Technion jandh 2020‑06‑20
Ting-Hsuan Wu (Info) Stanford Lung epithelial stem cells, pulmonary vascular disease, eukaryotic transcriptional control thsuanwu 2020‑01‑31
Yang Xu (Info) UCSD stem cells jandh 2020‑05‑21
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