University of California, Davis

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Comfort M. AtehScience Education Education2011 Cynthia Passmore (grad student)
Charles Bamforth
Meredith Bell Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Roger B. Boulton
Peter Buffon Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Nadia K. ByrnesSensory Science Viticulture and Enology Hildegarde Heymann (post-doc)
Annegret CantuEnology
Thomas S. CollinsFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Analytical Chemistry, Wood Technology Agriculture Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry2012 Susan E. Ebeler (grad student)
Susan K. DavidsonScience Education2006 Cynthia Passmore (grad student)
Bryan DonaldsonFood Science and Technology, Sensory Food Science and Technology Food Science and Technology20092011 Hildegarde Heymann (grad student), Charles Bamforth (grad student)
Sophie Drucker Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Susan E. Ebeler
Scott C. FrostSensory Chemistry Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Kelley R. HamiltonSensory Science Viticulture & Enology20152016 Hildegarde Heymann (research scientist)
Constantin HeitkampViticulture and Enology, Sensory Science, Food Science Viticulture and Enology, Food Science2014 Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Hildgarde Heymann
Hildegarde Heymann Viticulture and Enology Viticulture and Enology Food Science and Technology Ann C. Noble (grad student), Roger B. Boulton (grad student), Rose Marie Pangborn (grad student)
Greg Hirson Viticulture & Enology Viticulture & Enology20062011 Hildegarde Heymann (grad student), Susan E. Ebeler (grad student)
Bret D. HoganViticulture & Enology20122014 Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Maya R. Hood
Maya R. Hood WhiteViticulture & Enology Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Helene HopferSensory Science, Flavor Chemistry Viticulture and Enology Viticulture and Enology20102014 Hildegarde Heymann (post-doc), Susan E. Ebeler (post-doc)
Da-Mi JungFood Science and Technology Agriculture2002 Susan E. Ebeler (grad student)
Ellena KingWine Research, Food Science, Sensory, Consumer V&E20112013 Hildegarde Heymann (post-doc)
Jake Lahnesensory science, food science Viticulture & Enology Hildegarde Heymann (research scientist)
Seung-Jo LeeFood Science and Technology Agriculture2002 Ann C. Noble (grad student)
Pauline LestringantFood science, Sensory science Food Science and Technology2015 Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Marco Li CalziEnology20072009 Hildegarde Heymann (post-doc)
David Llodra Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry2013 Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Karen Lusk (Hein)
Beatriz MachadoSensory Science
Beatriz MachadoSensory Science Viticulture & Enology20072009 Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Alison K. McConwell Philosophy2021 Roberta L. Millstein (post-doc)
Line MielbySensory and Consumer Science Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Shawn A. MillerPhilosophy of Biology, History of Technology Philosophy2019 Roberta L. Millstein (grad student)
Roberta L. MillsteinHistory and Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science, Environmental Ethics
Rick Morris Philosophy2019 Roberta L. Millstein (grad student)
Ann C. Noble
Rose Marie Pangborn
Cynthia PassmoreScience Education
Anthony L. RobinsonWine Sensory Viticulture and Enology20082010 Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Sarah M. RoeHistory and Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science Philosophy2014 Roberta L. Millstein (grad student)
Jose Sanchez Gavito
Tamar Schneider Philosophy2020 Roberta L. Millstein (grad student)
Kevin E. Scott V&E Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Hanne K. SivertsenSensory science, Food science
Martina SokolowskySensory Viticulture and Enology2015 Hildegarde Heymann (post-doc)
Apostolos SpiropoulosFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology2000 Roger B. Boulton (grad student)
Martha Stoumen Dept Viticulture and Enology20102012 Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Julia M. Svobodalearning science Education2010 Cynthia Passmore (grad student)
Vivian A. WattsFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Analytical Chemistry2003 Roger B. Boulton (grad student)
Marty Wicks Müller Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)
Lin XiangScience Education Education2011 Cynthia Passmore (grad student)
Mi-Ae Yeo2008 Hildegarde Heymann (grad student)