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Kate Brown (Info) MIT onthemasspike 2020‑12‑14
Merton C. Flemings (Info) MIT retsige 2013‑10‑05
Akhilesh K. Gaharwar (Info) Texas A & M Nanomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Bioprinting, Stem Cells, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science, Microfabrication gaharwar 2013‑03‑24
Ali Khademhosseini (Info) Harvard Medical School bioengineering - biomedical engineering - biomaterials - tissue engineering - microfluidics Gdmt 2012‑12‑26
Saif A. Khan (Info) NUS Chemical engineering saifkhan 2010‑02‑11
Graham Loren (Info) MIT History of Soviet Science mzdavid 2010‑06‑03
Elting E. Morison (Info) Harvard, MIT, MIT jacr 2016‑08‑10
Vinh Van Nguyen (Info) MIT Operations Research utnus 2011‑05‑14
Tiffany Nichols (Info) Harvard History of Physics onthemasspike 2020‑10‑14
kristala jones prather (Info) MIT metabolic engineering, synthetic biology effendi 2010‑08‑13
Ronald T. Raines (Info) Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, UW Madison, MIT chemical biology, protein design and engineering, enzymology, biofuels nbyrnes 2011‑08‑19
Howard F. Taylor (Info) MIT foundry metallurgy lomendil 2017‑06‑27
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