University of California, Berkeley

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Joseph Edison Adamsvascular plant systematics, Ericaceae1935 Willis Linn Jepson (grad student)
Priscilla Averysystematics, cytology, Compositae, Solanaceae
Arthur H. Ayressystematics
Bruce G. Baldwinvascular plant systematics, Compositae
Alan Ackerman Beetlesystematics, agronomy1941 Lincoln Constance (grad student)
Mary L. Bowermanvascular plant systematics, California floristics19281930 Willis Linn Jepson (grad student)
Robert Percy Brandtvascular plant systematics, Liliaceae
Raymond Chanvascular plant systematics, Compositae19942000 Bruce G. Baldwin (grad student)
Jens Christian Clausenplant biology19271928 Ernest Brown Babcock (post-doc)
Lincoln Constancevascular plant systematics, Compositae, Umbelliferae19301934 Willis Linn Jepson (grad student)
Lauramay T. Dempstervascular plant systematics, California floristics, Rubiaceae Willis Linn Jepson (grad student)
Frederick Monroe Essigsystematics, mycology
Joseph Ewansystematics, California floristics, history of science19341937 Willis Linn Jepson (research assistant)
Frederick Hazard Frostsystematics, paleobotany
Nathaniel Lyon Gardnersystematics, phycology19001906 William Albert Setchell (grad student)
Helen Margaret Gilkeysystematics, mycology1916 William Albert Setchell (grad student)
Thomas Harper Goodspeedvascular plant systematics, Solanaceae, California floristics19091912 William Albert Setchell (grad student)
Frank Walton Gouldvascular plant systematics, floristics, Poaceae1941 Lincoln Constance (grad student)
Harvey Monroe Hallvascular plant systematics, Compositae, California floristics1906 Willis Linn Jepson (grad student)
Gary Hannan Botany Robert Ornduff (grad student)
Danica Taylor Harbaugh-Reynaudvascular plant systematics, Santalaceae20002007 Bruce G. Baldwin (grad student)
Richard Morris Holmanvascular plant systematics, Botany19141915 William Albert Setchell (grad student)
Robert Francis Hoovervascular plant systematics, California floristics1937 Willis Linn Jepson (grad student)
Arthur D. Houghtonvascular plant systematics, Cactaceae
John Thomas Howellvascular plant systematics, California floristics, Polygonaceae, Hydrophyllaceae Willis Linn Jepson (grad student)
David Daniels Keckvascular plant systematics, Compositae, California floristics1930 Harvey Monroe Hall (grad student)
John Norman Kendallvascular plant systematics, Solanaceae
Ruth E. B. Kirkpatrickvascular plant systematics, Pteridophytes20002006 Bruce G. Baldwin (grad student)
John D. LattinEntomology Biology, Biostatistics Biology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Ecology Biology1964 Robert Leslie Usinger (grad student)
Timothy Lowry Botany Botany Robert Orduff (grad student), Robert Ornduff (grad student)
Staci Elizabeth Markosvascular plant systematics, Compositae, Ericaceae19952000 Bruce G. Baldwin (grad student)
Charles T. Mason, Jr.vascular plant systematics, Limnanthaceae1949 Lincoln Constance (grad student), G. Ledyard Stebbins (grad student)
Abraham Ezra MichelbacherBiological pest control1935 Edward Oliver Essig (grad student)
Abigail J. Moorevascular plant systematics, Compositae Integrative Biology20042010 Bruce G. Baldwin (grad student)
Sonia Nosratiniavascular plant systematics, Nyctaginaceae, bryophytes
Robert Orduff
Alice Maria Ottleyvascular plant systematics, Fabaceae, California floristics1921 Willis Linn Jepson (grad student)
John Donald Paschkebiological and microbial control of pests1959 Ray Fred Smith (grad student)
Lisa Marie Schultheisvascular plant systematics, Campanulaceae19941999 Bruce G. Baldwin (grad student)
William Albert Setchellsystematics, phycology
Ray Fred Smithintegrated pest management1946 Abraham Ezra Michelbacher (grad student)
Robert Douglas Stonevascular plant systematics, Melastomataceae19972004 Bruce G. Baldwin (grad student)
Robert Leslie UsingerEntomology1939 Edwin Cooper Van Dyke (grad student)
Edwin Cooper Van DykeEntomology
Genevieve K. Waldensystematics, botany, Hydrophylloideae Integrative Biology Bruce G. Baldwin (grad student)
John Milton Webbersystematics, cytology, Solanaceae
Irma Eleanor Schmidt Webbersystematics, paleobotany
Carol A. Wilsonvascular plant systematics, Iridaceae, Loranthaceae19901996 Bruce G. Baldwin (grad student)
Harold S. Yatesvascular plant systematics, California floristics, mycology
Elizabeth Hill Zachariasvascular plant systematics, Chenopodiaceae20002007 Bruce G. Baldwin (grad student)